Do you have a treasured work of art tucked away in your basement or a closet somewhere? Want a creative way to proudly display the jersey of your favourite hockey player? Or maybe you have a collection of mementos from a vacation that you’d like to display, but don’t know the best approach.

Winged Canvas is your one-stop shop for creative art framing services in Markham. Our team of artists and framing experts can help you choose the right frame or display solution for your oil, watercolour and acrylic paintings on paper or canvas, photographs, keepsakes and many more. Our handpicked selection of wood and polystyrene mouldings - from sleek and modern to classic and traditional - are sure to suit every taste and budget.

And all our frames are guaranteed - if it ever breaks just bring it in and we’ll fix it for free.

All art framing services (including mat cutting and design, glass cutting, art mounting and canvas stretching using stretcher bars) are done in-house by hand using the latest equipment. If you’re looking for a unique way to frame your art, our Wizard mat cutter can create specialty mats with intricate designs, text and debossing. For a quote, simply fill out the form below, or better yet, drop in with your piece. 

Other Services

  • stretching canvas

  • mounting artwork

  • cutting/replacing glass

  • shadow boxes for collectible items and antiques

Winged Canvas frames are guaranteed. If one of our frames ever breaks, bring it back and we'll fix it for you. We'll replace glass for a nominal fee.

Contact our framing experts 

at 905 205 1231 or drop in with your artwork for a free quote.

What our Customers are saying:

"Not only were the frames done skillfully and professionally, Fei worked with me to choose the right frames and mats to suit the pieces. Would highly recommend and will most definitely return. Thanks!"
- Scott Bynoe

"This portrait of my dog was painted by Fei and framed by Aaron. They were easy to work with and their attention to detail is extraordinary. I have never been so satisfied with the results! I will gladly recommend Aaron and Fei for any custom art and framing needs.

Thank you Winged Canvas!"
- Justin Huang



Below is a small collection of picture framing styles, combinations, and possibilities. From frame-less gallery wrapped canvases to simple floater frames, fancy-cut mats to shadow-boxes, our experts will help you choose a framing solution you'll love! 

Traditional Frame with Liner
This classic moulding is a great choice for traditional paintings
Floater Frame
Floater frames are a modern and budget-friendly option for stretched canvases that don't require glass.
Custom Designs & Accents
We can design and cut special shapes, multi-openings, letters, symbols, and v-grooves into your mat for that extra personal touch.
Fancy & Textured Mats
Jazz up your artwork with a large selection of specialty matboards made with fabric, velvet, metallic foils, and embossed patterns.
Double Mat
A double mat is a great way to frame a picture because it includes an accent colour to emphasize the border of your artwork.
Triple Mat
Triple mats consist of three individual mats, each revealing a border of the mat window below.
Frameless (Gallery Wrap)
We can stretch your canvases to hang without a frame. It's a modern look known as "gallery-style canvases" or "gallery wrapped" canvases. For this look, a minimum of 2" on all sides of the canvas is required for the wrap.
Shadow Boxes
Frame your memorabilia, collectibles and antiques in custom made shadow box displays. It's time to take the treasures out of storage boxes and show them off as wall art!
Custom Shaped Artwork
This octagonal frame was custom made with a combination of two wood mouldings and eight 22.5 degree cuts for a perfect fit!
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Glazing is a framing term for glass or acrylic that protects your artwork from greasy fingers, dust, water and even UV light. We offer 6 types of glazing options with different properties and benefits. We recommend using Acrylite for large or oversized artwork as it reduces the weight of the frame and is shatterproof for safety. If your artwork will hang in or near sunlight, we recommend using glazing that provides UV protection to prevent it from fading.

Oil and acrylic paintings do not require glazing, but can be protected with UV varnish. Ask our framing experts about a glazing recommendation suitable for your artwork and budget!



How much does it cost to frame my artwork?


The price of framing art depends on the size, your frame selection, and other design choices, such as archivability, glass type, mat type, and timing for your project. Our picture framing experts can help you make the best decisions for your style and budget.

Contact our framing experts at 905 205 1231 or drop in with your artwork for a free quote.

I’m on a budget. How do I reduce the cost of my framing?

  1. Choose a polystyrene moulding with our value series mat board and regular glass. Polystyrene frames are a new material that is much less expensive than wood, and it’s made from recycled plastic!

  2. Bring in an existing frame, and we’ll help you fit your artwork and find suitable mat options. You can often score gently used frames or rare antique frames at thrift stores, garage sales and vintage stores!

How long does the framing process take?

Custom art framing generally takes two to three weeks, but can be as quick as a few hours, like a simple glass replacement, but it depends on your needs and budget. Rush orders are possible assuming we have all required materials in stock, but a rush fee is applied. It takes a week or so to order and receive the required framing materials from our suppliers, and sometimes certain materials are back-ordered, which can cause a delay, Once all the materials arrive, it takes time to cut, assemble, glue, sand, mount, and carefully fit everything for a perfect finish. 

Where is my frame made?

After we order and receive the materials from our suppliers, we custom make your frame in the workshop (aka. The Dungeon), right here at the Art Hub.

I need a last minute frame. What are my options?

We carry a small selection of best-selling mat and moulding styles for the occasional framing emergency. Our framing experts can help you choose a mat and moulding combination we have in stock. Go enjoy a coffee or do an hour of shopping, and we’ll do our very best to have it ready on your way back!

Is my artwork removable once it’s framed?

We always mount the artwork with archival framer’s tape that is removable after assembly. All you need to do is remove the dust cover/paper on the back of the art, bend some tabs or remove some screws, but the art should be easily accessible. Tip: use a hairdryer to help lift any tape for easy removal.

Do you deliver?

We can arrange for delivery in Markham and most of the GTA. We are often asked to deliver oversized pieces that don’t fit in small vehicles or risk damage.

Do you hang artwork?

Some artwork may need to be hung in difficult/hard to reach areas, or you may simply want an expert to do the job. We offer professional art hanging services locally, and our rate is approximately $75/hr.

Can I order just a mat or glass without a frame?

You can definitely order a mat or glass option without a frame. If you still enjoy your frame or don’t feel it needs an update, you can refresh your sun-faded mat and possibly add UV protective glass to ensure your art will stand up against the test of time. And sun!

What is Glazing?

Glazing is either a glass or acrylic sheet that protects your artwork from greasy fingers, dust, water and even UV light! It can also be a laminate application that is adhered to the art through a heat press. Oil and acrylic paintings don’t usually require glazing, and UV damage can be prevented with a varnish instead.

How do I pick the right frame?

Just bring your artwork in, and one of our experts will help guide you through the process of choosing the right frame. We can help you explore different styles at different price points, and even suggest some options you haven’t considered before. We’ll explain our process step by step. You can help by sharing your preferred style, budget and desired look.

How wide should my mat be?

There is no cookie cutter format here—that’s why you’re choosing custom! As a general rule, your mat should not be the same width as your frame, and accent mats should be different widths to reduce visual repetition. Other than that, it’s pretty much up to the viewer. Rules are meant as guidelines only. Sometimes they are made to be broken!

Do you carry non-glare glass?

We carry six types of glazing with different properties, but the ones that reduce reflections are the non-glare glass (inexpensive, but no UV protection) and the Art Glass (expensive, but up to 99% UV protection).

More about glazing options

Can I frame an object that’s thicker than most art?

Yes, framing 3D objects is possible with a shadow box frame, which is deeper.  We have framed swords, jerseys, pins, plates, antiques, travel souvenirs, kimonos, and many other forms of 3D art and collectibles. Just drop by our showroom to inquire about options. Our framing experts are art nerds who get excited discussing endless framing possibilities!


How do I protect my artwork from fading due to sunlight?
We offer several UV glazing options that you can choose from. For oil and acrylic paintings that don’t require glass, a UV varnish is recommended. Ask one of our art services specialists about coating options.


How do you prevent moisture build up between the art and the glass?

To keep your art from moisture damage, acrylic frame spacers, mat board, or foam core can be used to encourage airflow and keep the art from sticking to the glass. If there is moisture within the frame and the art is directly touching the glazing, it can create a bond that will damage the art when removing it from the frame. Try and avoid hanging art that isn’t waterproof in moisture-prone areas like bathrooms.


What does Archival mean?

Archival is a term used to describe the potential longevity of your art. High quality art prints are usually made on archival paper with archival inks, which are acid free and more resistant to yellowing and fading. If you frame an archival piece of art with a non-archival mat and backing, the acid from the non-archival materials may bleed onto the artwork, Archival framing is more costly due to the higher grade of materials involved. Archival mat board is acid and lignin free, the glazing is UV coated, and all the materials involved are designed to last over 100 years for most!

What hardware do I need to hang my frame?

We include all the hardware necessary for you to hang your piece right when you get home! There are no extra charges or hidden fees for hardware. You’ll only need a hammer and measuring tape!

How do I frame an unstretched canvas?

There are some types of canvas paper that can be framed without stretching, but if you’re going to frame a canvas without glass, we recommend stretching the canvas first. Typically, all art on canvas that is shipped rolled require stretching in order for display to avoid a droopy or uneven surface. We custom build wood frames from stretcher bars for each canvas, and you can choose from different widths -- regular stretch (0.75”) or gallery wrap (1.75”).


Are your frames guaranteed?

Yes, we take pride in the quality of our work, and our frames are guaranteed. So if you’re not fully satisfied with the frame, or if a frame or glass ever breaks, just bring it back and we’ll either fix it or replace it for a nominal fee.

Contact our framing experts at 905 205 1231 or drop in with your artwork for a free quote.

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