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What is Art Mentorship?

Art Mentorship is a specialized art program developed specifically for students who know what they'd like to learn, or those seeking one-on-one style lessons. Art Mentorship classes are suitable for students looking to master specific skills or develop a portfolio under the mentorship and guidance of award-winning artists and designers. 

Sessions are designed to discuss the creative process, challenge each student's current skill level and personal interests, with key lessons catered to each class. Our artist instructors give live demos, inviting students to observe their techniques and methods for a unique and personalized learning experience. 

Benefits of the Art Mentorship Program

Portfolio Development

Recommended for art & design school applicants

Smaller Class Ratios

1:6 class ratio for individual learning and feedback

One-on-One Teaching

Customized instructions and learning experience 

Personal Art Projects

Determined by student's interests & learning style

Mastering Disciplines

Target areas of weakness to achieve student goals

Types of Art Mentorship

Themed Group Classes

capped at 6 students

Students in themed group classes share similar learning goals

and interests, and can support each other on creative decisions. 


Animation Mentorship

with Yeri Sa

Feed your passion for animation in this class, perfect for those seeing in-depth learning using Krita, a free digital program. 


Related Programs: Character Design, Figure DrawingAdvanced Digital Art


Comics & Manga Mentorship

with Jessie Chang

Design comics and create characters while learning how to tell stories visually, and what peaks our interest and curiosity, 

Related Programs: Advanced Cartooning & Anime, Digital Art, Character Design


Drawing & Painting Mentorship

with Fei Lu

Improve your anatomical drawing and contemporary painting skills. Perfect for those applying to fine arts programs. 

Related Programs: Realistic Drawing,
Figure Drawing, Portrait Drawing


Digital Illustration Mentorship

with Jessie Chang

Illustrate stories and work on independent projects using advanced digital illustration techniques to quicken workflow.

Related Programs: Advanced Cartooning & AnimeAdvanced Digital Art

Open Group Classes

(capped at 6 students)

Think of this class as a small open studio to work individual projects. Custom guidance from a mentor and support from other artists will help you grow.


Teen Art Mentorship

For students aged 12 -17, with Fei Lu


Adult Art Mentorship

For students aged 18+, with Fei Lu

Subjects may contain nudity / mature themes.

Private Art Mentorship

30 and 60 min sessions by appointment

One on one sessions are ideal for assessments or final portfolio reviews, as well as creative career advice. It’s also a great option for busy people who need flexibility and prefer to learn independently at their own pace.

Art student with her oversized still life painting

We Recommend ...

1-on-1 Portfolio Review/Assessment
30 or 60 min session 

A single session where we take time to review and assess your portfolio. We'll offer our input, next-steps, suggestions, and observe your drawing process, strengths, and weaknesses.


Art Mentorship Pricing


All sessions occur consecutively, and include one make up class per term if given 24 hour notice. Prices do not include HST.

Have questions? See our FAQ Section.

Is this the program for me?

With self-directed projects, one-on-one demos, and specialized lessons tailored to each person's skills and interests, the teaching style is similar to private lessons. Students learn what they choose at their own pace in this goals-oriented program. 

Art Mentorship is best for mastering specific art skills and art portfolio students - learning concepts under the guidance of professional artists, who specialize in fields including illustration, design, fine art painting, digital concept art, sculpture, and more!

Personal learning goals are set with the Artist Mentor during the first class, and lessons are designed to meet those goals. To make the most of class time, students may continue assignments at home and bring in their work for critique.

What a still life! Art Mentorship allows students to work on larger-scale projects at their own pace.

Critique in progress: instructors provide tips and individual demos on personal projects.

Perfect for Portfolio Development

The Art Mentorship program is the ideal course for high school students pursuing visual arts at the post-secondary level, or for elementary school students applying to specialized high school art programs (such as the Arts Unionville Program at UHS). Art Mentorship is suitable for students building a portfolio.

Our Artist Mentors will show students how to create an outstanding portfolio based on the program they are applying to. Students will learn what to include - and what to cut - while also developing their unique personal style and solidifying key skills such as life drawing. We know what schools like OCAD University and Sheridan are looking for and can help students prepare a cohesive, stand out portfolio suited to each school's requirements. 

Highly Trained Artist Mentors

Mentors work hands-on with each student, guiding them through their processes, demonstrating specific art techniques, and providing mentorship, industry expertise, and advice for a future career in visual arts.

Winged Canvas Mentors are award-winning artists and passionate art educators. Get one-on-one guidance from practicing professionals who specialize in various art disciplines.

Original character design by mentor Alyssa Wongso


Artist Mentors

Learn more about our Art Instructors

Alyssa Wongso, anime artist and mentor

Alyssa Wongso 

Anime Artist
Character Design, Digital Art, 3D Modelling

Fei Lu, creative director and artist mentor

Fei Lu 

Creative Director
Figure Drawing, Portraiture, Painting, Design & Advertising Portfolios.

Jay Lintag, designer and artist mentor

Jay Lintag

Multidisciplinary Designer

Typography, Graphic Design, UX Design

Nasim Abaeian, Illustrator and Artist Mentor

Nasim Abaeian 

Watercolour, Oil, Illustration, Textile Design

Jessie Chang, digital artist and mentor

Jessie Chang

Digital Artist
Cartooning, Comics, Character Design

Yeri Sa, animator and artist mentor

Yeri Sa


Digital Art, Animation, Background Art

Have questions? See our FAQ Section.

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