If you create original artwork, consider making fine art prints to sell as they are more affordable options compared to an original. 


Winged Canvas can help you take high quality images of your artwork for reproduction.

Using a Nikon DSLR, specialty lens, and professional studio lighting, we photograph artwork in high resolution that's suitable for printing at various sizes, even larger than your original! We also provide expert colour correction, and retouching services.

The Process

Professional art reproduction begins with art imaging - obtaining a crisp, high resolution image with even and balanced lighting. Then, the image is colour corrected next to the original artwork and a digital proof is sent to the customer.

Aaron stretching Jia Lu.jpg

Behind the studios of Winged Canvas lies The Dungeon: a mystical workshop of gadgets and gizmos, of beautiful paintings and photos encased in handcrafted frames. Governing the space is the one-man building wizard Aaron Fruman.

Founder and Creative Director at Winged Canvas, Fei oversees all operations, including the process of art imaging. When she couldn't find quality imaging for her own artwork offered locally, she started her own; beginning with research, investing in specialty equipment, and years of experience testing, tweaking and perfecting the art imaging process.

Can you tell which one is the print and which is the original? Artwork: Leia, by Fei Lu

Our imaging experts are practicing visual artists, so you can trust our attention to detail, colour and quality. As artists, we get you — we're picky about the small things, and we're very detail-oriented.


We want to make sure your image comes out as detailed and close to the original as possible, and our doors are always open if you have any questions about the process.




We use a special tailored approach to every piece we receive. Our method maximizes the quality and ensures every detail of your piece is replicated true-to-life. Our imaging specialist uses a Nikon DSLR and Sigma prime lens to capture multiple images of your piece, then stitches them together digitally to create a high resolution, print-ready final product. This method even allows us to make the print larger than the original piece, if desired! 

Our multiple-image stitching process allows for ultra-specific detail and high resolution.
Artwork: Campaign for Peace, by Fei Lu

Ask Yourself: How are you planning to use the image?

This will help determine the imaging package that's right for you. If you only need a file for your website, portfolio, or small prints like postcards and promotional materials, the Archival/Web package is suitable for you. If you're looking to print detailed or large/full size Art Reproductions, the Print Ready package offers more value and flexibility.


Multiple orders: bring in five or more pieces to be imaged at the same time.

York Region Arts Council  members

Exhibiting Artists participating in a show at Winged Canvas gallery.

Students who are currently enrolled at Winged Canvas





Art imaging typically takes 5 - 10 business days (20% fee applies for rush orders) Images are provided as a downloadable link or transferred to your USB drive. Super glossy artwork is difficult to image due to glare and may require more editing time. Keep images matte or unvarnished for imaging purposes.

Have an old, faded photo? A picture that was loved a little too much over the years? Maybe you want a few extra copies of a treasured photograph. We're here to help. Winged Canvas offers retouching services for damaged images. Our photoshop wiz can take years of weathering off your pictures and even increase the size of your images while maintaining a high quality product. Our retouching rates start at only $35/half hour. Don't let your memories fade away — bring them to us, and we'll protect them for years to come!

Physical copy of a precious damaged photo (left), and the retouched and colour-corrected image (right). Crisis averted!



As artists, we have a studied eye for colour. If you need your image's bright hues and cool shades to pop, we have you covered. We carefully adjust the colours and tones of your image to match the original artwork, or even enhance the colour for full vibrancy. Whether it's a photo, painting, print, or anything else, we have the tools to take your image to the next level. We can handle most file formats and export in any format you choose — physical prints and digital copies are just the beginning.

A painting captured in the RAW image file format (left), and a finished colour-corrected image (right).

What Clients are Saying:

"I went to get imaging done today by the very talented artist Bryan Navasero at Winged Canvas' new location. Great space, gallery, studio, workshop and friendly staff. I cannot recommend it enough! If you need imaging done, prints of your art, prints or art to buy, or sign up for their art workshops this place is for you!"

- Konstantino Milanopulus | @konstantlytino

Book an appointment with our imaging experts at 905 205 1231 or email us at hello@wingedcanvas.com

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