Connor Fischer


Specializing in Illustration & Concept Art

Connor is an illustrator and concept artist. He currently works in the entertainment industry on theme park concept art and illustrations. His interest in art began at a young age, inspired by his love for manga, comics, animation and games. At age 8, he vividly remembers attempting to draw Shonen Jump issues from start to finish and create his own worlds.

Connor went on to pursue art in high school, graduating with a certificate from the Visual Media Arts program at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. Following that, he entered the Independent Illustration program at Seneca College, graduating with Honours. Most recently, he has been taking independent courses from Talent Tree, CGMA and The Workshop Academy. 

Connor is extremely passionate about art as a visual language and a means for creative problem solving. His experience spans both 3D and 2D realms. His belief is that his industry experience will help students create work with thoughtful intent as well as allow them to stand out as creative problem solvers. His aim is to produce the same inspirational work the entertainment industry provided for him at a young age.



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