Cartooning & Anime - Level 1

Weekly virtual class

Learn the techniques to draw your favourite cartoon, anime and manga characters, step-by-step in this beginner-friendly class!


In Cartooning & Anime class, kids will learn drawing fundamentals, explore the techniques required to draw figures accurately and learn the art of simple storytelling. Projects may include drawing popular cartoons from games and movies, designing your own anime character, drawing exaggerated expressions and actions, learning simple 2-point perspective and more. 


Plus, we’ll explore popular cartoons and anime from around the world — particularly Japanese Manga and kawaii anime — and discover tons of inspiration!

Class Ratio 1:8

Beginner - Intermediate


Suggested Age

Topics will include:

  • how to draw proportions

  • refining linework

  • master colouring techniques

  • drawing expressions and figures in action

  • simple storyboarding

  • basic perspective 

Schedule & Pricing 

Art materials included. All monthly and seasonal classes occur consecutively and include one make up class per term if given 24-hour notice.

*Prices do not include HST

*Classes subject to change/cancellation. 

Cartooning & Anime - Level 1

1.5 hr Classes | Drop-in (min 2 classes): $36/class | Monthly Term: $30/class x 4 = $120 | Seasonal Term: $28/class

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Open House & Student Show, Oct 1&2 , Art Hub Markham

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