Winged Canvas is committed to being an eco-friendly business and doing our part to minimise our impact on the current climate emergency. The general consensus by experts is that there are less than 18 months to resolve climate change until its impact will be irreversible.



Rainforest-Certified Organic Coffee

Our coffee and tea are complimentary for parties and freshly made in-house. Self-serve in our mugs!

Zero-Waste Kitchen

We have 15 sets of cutlery, plates, dispensers and serving bowls. Just rinse and put them in our dishwasher after your event.

No Need for Decorations

Not only is our studio already decorated with tons of art,

we'll also make a custom chalkboard greeting for you!

Paperless Invites

We provide PDF invites you can email to your guests, so you can save paper.

Party hosts only need to
bring napkins. We've got the rest covered!

More eco-party tips?

Make any party eco-friendly!


Educating Youth

We integrate environmentally friendly ideas and studio practice into our art programs to educate children (our future generation!) on the existing climate crisis and endangered animals.

Reducing Waste

We re-purpose canvases, mat board (a framing by product), and paper to use as notepads and doodly scrap for classes and office use. We're in the process of eliminating printed flyers and schedules to reduce our carbon footprint.


Planning for a Greener Future

In the future, we plan to work with eco-friendly art suppliers and community partners. Let's make art, not garbage!

We love transforming garbage into innovative art projects!

Winged Canvas is a zero-waste party venue. We're committed to being an industry leader in eco-friendly studio practice.

185 Bullock Drive  #1
Markham, Ontario L3P 7R4


(905) 205-1231



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