Fadwa Attyah

Kids Instructor

Specializing in Landscape Art

Fadwa Attyah is an artist who specializes in landscape oil paintings. While nature is her inspiration, she also draws inspiration from her background in English literature. She effortlessly combines realist elements with scenes inspired by lines by her favorite poets, John Milton & Bernard Shaw. Just like she can picture a scene behind every line of poetry she reads, she aims to paint a picture that will allow you a moment to go inside and paint your own scene.

As a mother of four and a previous daycare owner, Fadwa has over 20 years of teaching and child care experience. Her love for art, enthusiasm for life-long learning, combined with a passion for teaching makes her a great kids instructor.

Fun fact: Fadwa was a previous student in Oil Painting and Art Mentorship at Winged Canvas for professional development. She also participated in exhibitions at the gallery, and actively volunteered for many of our kids programs and camps. In 2019, she joined the Winged Canvas family as a instructor, specializing in children's art.