How much commission does the gallery take?

The gallery takes 25% commission on sold pieces for artists who have paid exhibition fees. If a patron commissions an exhibiting artist during the opening or closing reception, or if a commission is arranged by Gallery staff, artwork will also be subject to 25% gallery cut. When artwork is sold, Winged Canvas will pay the artist cut (75%) via e-transfer within 15 days of payment by the customer.


What does the hanging fee cover the cost of?

The exhibition fees can be applied to a wall space, or per piece if submitting individual artworks. This covers the cost of all repairs to the space and event marketing, which includes promotional kits, customized e-postcards, posters, press releases, and social media. A $60 deposit must be paid to reserve your space in the show. Fees are due at artwork drop-off, we accept cash, credit, and debit.

How can I improve the chances of selling my artwork on display?

1) Be present! Buyers value the opportunity to talk to artists about their work in person, so it is important and recommended that you attend opening night. You should also attend the closing sale and invite your clients and fans to the show.

2) Price your work fairly. Not too low, or it may be considered amateur/not valuable. Not too high because it may scare off potential buyers. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your price, and that you're not undervaluing your work!


How do I know where my art will go?

Walls are reserved on a first come, first serve basis, and the price of walls vary based on size and location. Artists may select their top 3 walls and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Will the Gallery help me hang my art during Group Shows?

Yes, the curator will hang the artwork for the show, and labels are printed by the gallery.

How does HST work?

The Gallery charges 13% HST on all sales made. If the artist has a personal HST number, they should include it on their invoice and bill us for the 75% cut with HST on top.

What if I miss the artwork pick up deadline?

Due to storage restrictions, we have a strict artwork pickup policy. If you're unable to pick up by the deadline, a late pickup fee will result in storage charges equivalent to the hanging fee per piece per week. If artwork isn’t picked up within three months, it will be considered abandoned and discarded. 

Will my artwork be insured?

In the event of loss or damages, artists are responsible for providing their own insurance. 

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