Oil Painting 101 Course

4 week crash course for teens & adults

*Oil Painting Courses will be offered online in the future.

If you've always wanted to try oil painting, or have dabbled in oil paints before but never had step by step lessons, this 4 week course is a perfect introduction, and a great way to get back into painting!


Learn the properties of oil paint (both traditional and water soluable), and the creative process for starting and completing a painting. Students will complete two oil paintings in this course, one monochromatic study, and one landscape in colour, guided step by step by a professional artist.

Lessons are beginner friendly, and students will be well primed for future studies. Rediscover painting in an inspiring studio space filled with artwork and creative peers. All materials are included.

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Class Ratio 1:8



Suggested Age

Student artwork - monochromatic painting of a realistic eye.

Oil Painting 101 Course Outline: 

Week 1: Introduction to traditional oils; Step by step monochromatic painting

Week 2: Monochromatic painting continued

Week 3: Step by step landscape painting in water soluable oils

Week 4: Landscape painting continued

Schedule & Pricing 

All materials including canvases, paints, brushes, and smocks are provided.

*Prices do not include HST

*Classes subject to change/cancellation. 

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Helpful Articles

We love oil painting so much, we've even written a couple of blogs about the topic!

8 Oil Painting Tips to Save you Time and Disaster
Ahhh oil painting. The paint used by the old masters. Rich, buttery, smooth and vibrant. And yeah, it’s a little smelly. Painting with oil is incredibly rewarding, but it can also be a little intimidating. But fear not fellow art nerd, we’ve compiled some oil painting tips from our Headmaster Fei Lu to help you avoid disaster and save time, too! Read article

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Oil vs Acrylic
For centuries, oil paints have been defined as the traditional and classical medium when it comes to the world of painting. From the corners of East Asia to the hands of the masters like Rembrandt and van Gogh, oil paint has been revered through the ages. But fast-forward to today and you’ll see that one medium has found a strong footing in the art world, perhaps even overtaking the usage of oil paints. This medium is acrylic. Read article

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