Lu Enyi Portrait of a Soldier

Lu Enyi Portrait of a Soldier

© Enyi Lu - Mao and Lei Feng, Graphite on Paper

© Enyi Lu - Mao and the Chinese Navy, Oil on canvas

© Enyi Lu - Chairman Mao, Oil on canvas

© Enyi Lu - Poster Illustration

© Enyi Lu - Great Wall, Oil on canvas

© Enyi Lu - Red Birch, Oil on canvas

© Enyi Lu - Roots, Oil on canvas


Artist, Guest Instructor

EnYi Lu is a famous Chinese painter, known for his portraits of Chairman Mao, his historical military paintings, and his giant, powerful landscapes. At age 14, EnYi enlisted to fight the Facists near the end of WWII. Too young for the front lines, he spent a lot of time sketching - using only charred wood and chalky debris as his medium. In 1956, when Enyi was 26, his artwork impressed the new Communist Party, who commissioned the young artist to paint prestigious portraits and illustrations for military propaganda.


Completely self taught, EnYi was influenced by Russian artists Repin, Levitan, and American artist John Singer Sargent. Only at age 26, after the height of his success, did he receive his first art lesson. He now lives in Markham, and at age 89, his house is still full of canvases he has yet to finish.

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