• Jess MacGregor

A Dog Walks into an Art Hub…

About a week and a half ago we made a new friend. A cute little Yorkie, whom we found wandering outside our studio, looking a little confused. Fun fact about Winged Canvas: we love dogs. Our two studio dogs Pongo and Sadie basically run the show here.

Sadie and Pongo work hard to manage the cuteness levels at the studio

So of course we took the little guy in. It was Painting Techniques night, and we were all set to get into full art nerd mode. We brought the little pup in and, predictably, we didn’t get much painting done. Since he wasn’t wearing a tag, we didn’t know his name. He was full of love and affection, bopping around the studio exploring and being ridiculously adorable. We named him Jimmy Spitrod in honour of this.

“Jimmy” smiling for the camera

We needed to figure out how we could find Jimmy’s owner(s). It didn’t look as though he had travelled far – he was glossy and clean – so we reasoned he was local to the area. We thought about plastering the neighborhood with signs. We called the local humane society. And then we went on Kijiji. The internet is a strange and fascinating thing. While it’s mostly videos of cats knocking things off of other things, it also can be very useful (we fully admit that we have, on more than one occasion and with great enthusiasm, watched videos of cats knocking things off of other things). Our ad was posted for a few short hours before we noticed that Jimmy’s owner had posted one as well:

Kijiji: connecting people with lost dogs and old washing machines since 2005

In the end, Jimmy was happily (and tearfully!) reunited with his owners. Jimmy’s real name turned out to be Teddy, and his family hung around with us at the studio until 11:30 pm. We were grateful that we helped reunite Teddy with his family, and that we made some new friends!

A loving, sloppy-puppy-kisses-filled reunion!

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