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A Simple T-shirt Design Could Win You an Amazing Art Scholarship in Markham.

Calling all Art Nerds!

Are you, or someone you know, a wellspring of creativity and live in the Markham area? Does the thought of creating your next piece of art set your heart racing? Well get those paint-stained fingers and sketchpads ready, because this year’s Ultimate Art Contest is in full swing!

Markham's Ultimate Art Contest 2016

Hosted by your friendly local art studio Winged Canvas, where artists (and the occasional superhero) gather, this contest is an amazing opportunity to create something awesome and earn Summer Art Scholarships valued at over $1000!

We’ve got our eyes peeled for new artistic talent, and this year’s theme is “Art Nerd”.

But wait, an Art Studio in Markham hosting a contest that awards Summer Scholarships and publishes the winner’s work? That’s got to be too good to be true. Well, take a look at some of the cool artwork sent in by last year’s contestants:

2015 Markham's Ultimate Art Contest Finalists

The entries at judging, including first place winner Jenny Lin, second place winner Sandra Masson, and third place winner Melissa Pinto. They all joined us over the summer to create some inspiring and colourful artwork.

Summer Art Camp in Markham | Winged Canvas

Campers ‘round the lunch table with the Winged Canvas Crew, July 2015

One year later, 2nd place winner Sandra returns to the Winged Canvas family for an Art Mentorship with founder Fei Lu. Thanks to Sandra’s own dedication, creativity and talent, and the support and guidance of her instructors, she was able to complete this figure study that wowed us all!

Art Mentorship with Fei Lu at Winged Canvas, Markham

Looking at all of this awesome artwork, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being intimidated. “You aren’t good enough!” Your inner critic will whisper. “Don’t even try, nothing will come of it.”

Well allow us here at Winged Canvas to squash that voice of doubt in your head! We aren’t looking for the next Van Gogh or Picasso. We value effort, dedication and creativity above all else, and we encourage everyone of all skill levels to participate. Remember, even the greatest artists of all time had to pick up a pencil for the first time at some point.

The deadline for the Ultimate Art Contest is June 19th, so get those creative ideas flowing and enter now! Your own Artist Success Story awaits.

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