• Alice Yao

Excitement is Building for Summer Art Camp

We at Winged Canvas often find ourselves drifting back into memories of the summer, especially these days when the snow seems like it’s falling just a little too hard, or the cold seems more bitter than usual. What we’d really like is to go back to the days of plein air painting with all the gorgeous scenery Markham has to offer, playing giant Jenga, and making outdoor art (from Pollock-inspired splatter painting to collecting rocks for decorating)! So what better time to reminisce about the joys of Summer Camp than in the midst of this below-zero weather?

For starters, this is where memories are made and the freezies run plenty. First days can bring on excitement and nerves all at once, but what’s better than making new friends? Making awesome art with those new friends! And our campers never cease to amaze us with their creativity.

This past summer, we had great times working on a bunch of exciting art activities, including oil painting realistic eyes, crafting adorable (sometimes ferocious) animal masks, and inventing our own emojis! A personal favourite was making a clay underwater scene during our Live Art with Animals camp. Everyone had their own unique and creative visions of what underwater life was like.

Campers showcasing some pieces made during Art with Live Animals Camp.

Oil painting might bring up images of the old masters sitting alone in their studios, but Oil Painting camp at Winged Canvas is anything but boring! Last summer, teens bonded through messy paint and laughter, while creating breathtaking portraits of their favourite artists.

Big brushes and silly faces at Oil Painting Camp!

We wrapped up Summer Camp 2016 with our first ever student art showcase! Seeing all the amazing pieces by our dedicated, creative students all lined up on the walls was a truly amazing experience, and as artists, seeing your hard work pay off is definitely a rewarding feeling.

A compilation of artworks by senior students, ages 11 - 16.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to the friends you’ve made at Summer Camp. But as each week draws to an end, it’s uplifting to keep in mind that the memories made are there forever and that another summer full of art, friends, and fun is waiting for you just around the corner at the Art Hub!

UPDATE: In 2020, a pandemic prompts our summer art camp to move online. Check out our virtual summer art camps.

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