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8 Creative Bachelorette Party Ideas

Illustration by Fei Lu

Are you tasked with planning the perfect bachelorette party for your artsy bride-to-be? Skip the clichéd, triple combination of dinner, drinks and dancing—instead, get creative! From baking to cocktail making, from hiring a henna artist to painting, fun, craftiness, and artistry are at the core of these eight Greater Toronto Area-based bachelorette party ideas.

1. Hire a Henna Artist

Transform your girls’ night in into an elegant display of artwork with this bachelorette party idea. Leave a mark the bride-to-be is sure to remember by hiring a henna artist to design stunning masterpieces on your group’s palms, fingers, and wrists. A perfect combination of both classy and creative, henna tattoos are sure to add some extra umph to your quality girl time.

Pros: They’ll come to you! The beauty of hiring a henna artist is you can set up shop wherever you feel comfortable, plus you won’t have to do any of the artistic work. Plus the natural ingredients in henna make it a safe and a fun keepsake.

Cons: Patience is a virtue and, when it comes to henna, expect to wait up for an hour minimum for the ink to dry. Yes, unfortunately that means try your best not to use your hands.

Cost: $150+/hour

2. Go On a Yoga Retreat

With all the stresses of wedding planning, sometimes the bride-to-be just really needs a break. Revitalize and rejuvenate her before the big day by planning a girls’ yoga retreat. Avoid the hangovers and the sleepless nights with some spiritually uplifting activities and routines. A weekend filled with lectures, meditation sessions, and yoga classes, are sure to refresh everyone and keep the body, mind, and spirit at peace leading up to the big day.

Pros: What better way to keep all your creative juices flowing than with some clarity?

Cons: Weddings are already expensive, and unfortunately the price for wellness retreats can be costly for budget-conscious bridal parties (think about the costs of the classes, transportation, and accommodation).

Cost: $200+/per person

3. Stir Up Some Cocktails… Yourself!

Still don’t want to miss out on a much-needed girls’ night out of drinks? Shake things up by combining your creativity with your love of cosmos. Forget sitting at the bar, get behind it instead! For this bachelorette party idea, take a bartending or cocktail-making workshop and enjoy all the traditional cocktails, experimental drinks, and spiked smoothies you’ve concocted. Get creative and shake up, pun intended, something new. Cheers to that!

Pros: With this activity you’ve gained a skill set you can use for all future at-home events.

Cons: Meals are usually extra at these events. Cosmos on an empty stomach may not be the best idea, so ensure you factor in the costs for food.

Cost: $40+/per person

4. Throw a Painting Party!

Brush up on your artistic skills and get painting. Choose from options like an open painting party (where guests have the freedom to paint whatever they want) or a private themed painting party (where guests follow instructions to recreate a customized painting created specifically for the event). No matter the choice, the supplies are all provided—just bring along your creativity and imagination.

Pros: Finally enjoy sometime to yourselves to get back into your artistry, plus it’s a perfect option even for beginners who don’t have painting experience. BYOB both wine and food -- rent the kitchen with a flat rate of $30.

Cons: Dress for the mess: smocks are provided, but ideally try to wear something with short sleeves.

Cost: $30-45/person

5. Take a Pottery Class

Get spinning—no, not cycling—and take your creative crew to take a pottery class. Get an introduction to the art of pottery and get ready to get your hands dirty. From simple ceramics to some wheel-throwing, this bachelorette party idea is sure to be creative and fun.

Pros: You’ll get to keep what you make, which makes a perfect souvenir from the day’s events.

Cons: It’s a messy and slow process! While most places use clay that can be washed out of fabrics, expect your hands to be far from pristine when the activity’s over. You’ll also have to wait two weeks before you can see your finished masterpiece, as most locations will need to smooth, glaze, and fire up the clay works of art.

Cost: $70/per person

6. Decorate a Cake

Paper and paint don’t have to be your only mediums for showing off your artsy side. With this bachelorette party idea, the bride-to-be and guests can have some fun creating their own artistic masterpieces with a different canvas: icing, sugar, and cakes. Take a cake decorating workshop or find a place that can host a friendly Cake Boss-inspired competition.

Pros: You can make your cake and eat it too!

Cons: Most bakeries are not peanut-free. This may be an issue if any guests have allergies or dietary restrictions.

Cost: $30-$200/person (depending on where you go)

7. Crafting and Scrapbooking Party

For those DIY-loving brides in your life, why not host a girls’ night in getting crafty? Kill two birds with one stone and put your creative minds together for this bachelorette-cum-wedding prep party. Create wedding favours, put together the table centrepieces, or make a scrapbook of the bride-to-be’s life through the years. Have fun raiding your local crafts store for fun papers, stickers, scrapbooks, ribbons, and, of course, glitter!

Pros: It’s a great way to help the bride knock off a couple items on her to-do list, while also taking a pretty fun (and possibly wine-induced) walk down memory lane. Plus, it’s budget friendly!

Cons: Some may argue this is more work than play…

Cost: About $100 to $200 for materials.

8. Life Drawing Party with a Live Model

If you’ve got an artsy bride-to-be, then this is the perfect bachelorette party idea! Throw a private life drawing party at Winged Canvas with your very own nude or semi-nude model (who can either look like a jedi, a superhero, or Christian Grey, you name it!).

Choose to hire an instructor or have fun trying it out all on your own—whatever the plan is, this party is guaranteed to produce laughs, smiles, and some interesting pieces of artwork. Wanting to add even more to the experience? For extra, parties can also hire a caricature artist for the night to sketch some portraits of all the guests!

Pros: Educational and eventful, this artistic activity is all about trying something unique and new. You need zero experience to participate—only an open mind and some creativity! Supplies are provided, and you can also choose to add a step-by-step lesson, and learn some figure drawing tricks.

Con: Drawing people can be intimidating—especially if you don’t have a natural knack for art—but luckily, art can be interpretive! Choose which parts of the body you want to sketch.

Cost: $40+/per person

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