Summer Intensive Art Camp for Teens

Teens 13 - 18  |  July 6 - September 4, 2019

Winged Canvas is excited to announce a new Summer Art Camp, designed just for teens! Each intensive camp is offered on a different week of summer and is 6 hours a day. The maximum number of students per camp is 6 to ensure the best quality of learning. These intensive camps are designed to accelerate learning and creative growth in a short period of time with one-on-one guidance from an Artist Mentor. Suitable for beginners as well as teens looking for more advanced study/portfolio development. Summer is the ideal time to learn some serious art skills, create amazing artwork and meet new friends!


The Teen Intensive Art Camp takes place in the Kusama Studio - 10:30 - 4:30 pm daily.

An Art Camp Designed Just for Teens

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New & Exciting Themes Every Week!

Click on a theme below to discover what campers will learn throughout that week

Life Drawing 1

Wk 1

Jul 2 - 5 (4 days)


Life Drawing 2

Wk 2

Jul 8 - 12


Character & Game Design 1

Wk 3

Jul 15 - 19


Character & Game Design 2

Wk 4

Jul 22 - 26


Painting Techniques in Acrylic & Oil

Wk 5

Jul 29 - Aug 2

2 spots

Illustration & Watercolour

Wk 6

Aug 6 - 9 (4 days)


Sculpture (Polymer Clay)

Wk 7

Aug 12 - 16

1 spot

Advanced Portraiture (Drawing & Painting)

Wk 8

Aug 19 - 23


Digital Art & Design

Wk 9

Aug 26 - 30

4 spots


Weekly Theme

Teens working on their art in a studio

New & Exciting Themes Every Week!

Life Drawing 1

This camp is an introduction to Life Drawing and perfect for beginners or those who want to expand their skills. Students will learn fundamental techniques to improve their realistic drawing abilities. Topics will include shape, proportion, and gesture. We’ll also cover how to draw realistic 2D male and female figures. Lessons are taught step-by-step with room for extra guidance as needed.

Skills learned: Realistic drawing, proportions, composition, figure drawing

Bonus: Each student will also get 1 free Open Life Drawing pass, where they can try drawing from a live model!

July 2 - 5 (4 days)

Life Drawing 2

A great camp for those with some prior life drawing experience, or as a continuation of Life Drawing 1. We’ll cover advanced drawing techniques such as shading, form, 3D structure and perspective. Students will learn to draw more detailed anatomy, including realistic hands and faces. This camp is great for art school portfolio development!

Skills learned: Drawing structure and form, advanced shading techniques, drawing from live animals & subjects

Bonus: Each student will also get 1 free Open Life Drawing pass, where they can try drawing from a live model!

July 8 - 12

Character & Game Design 1

If you love drawing, inventing your own characters and playing board games, this is the camp for you! Students will learn how to design their own unique character, and make it into a token in a board game. We’ll discover the process of world-building, game mechanics, designing backgrounds, and work together as a team to design a collaborative board game together that can be played by everyone!

Skills learned: Drawing, concept art, collaboration & teamwork

Supplemental Programs: Character & Game Design 2, Illustration & Watercolour


Please Note: this is a drawing camp, there will not be instruction in coding or software design. Students who want to work digitally need to bring their own tablet/laptop.

July 15 - 19

Character & Game Design 2

This camp will explore more advanced concepts and skills, such as detailed character rotations and 3D drawing techniques. The instructor will guide students in step-by-step lessons on drawing a character’s expressions and emotions. We’ll also cover basic game mechanics and game objectives, rules, items, and world building. There is open project time when students can develop their own characters digitally or traditionally (painting and/or drawing) and lessons are catered to each individual’s interests


Skills learned: 3-D drawing, concept art, collaboration & teamwork


Supplemental Programs: Sculpture (Polymer Clay), Illustration & Watercolour

Please Note: this is a drawing camp, there will not be instruction in coding or software design. Students who want to work digitally need to bring their own tablet/laptop.

July 22 - 26

Painting Techniques in Acrylic & Oil

This specialized art camp is designed specifically for teens seeking to learn acrylic and oil painting, or further develop their skills in painting. Core lessons will be taught step-by-step, allowing students to become familiar with the mediums. We’ll explore colour mixing, brushwork, blending, layering and more. There will also be open project time for students to choose their own subjects, design a unique composition, and discover their own style.


Skills learned: Colour theory and mixing, brushwork, composition

Supplemental Programs: Illustration & Watercolour, Advanced Portraiture (Drawing & Painting)

July 29 - August 2

Drawing of a human figure
life drawing sketches
a hand painting an oil painting of a snow scene
a hand colouring an illustation of roller skates
a teen sculpts a character
person drawing a portrait in pencil
a teen creates art on a laptop

August 6 - 9 (4 days)

Illustration & Watercolour

Learn how to apply your drawing and painting skills to produce a variety of exciting projects, like food illustrations or designing album cover art. Led by children’s book illustrator Nasim Abaeian, teens will learn the art of illustration, including concept development, visual storytelling, character design, colour theory and more!


Skills learned: Colour theory and mixing, watercolour blending and layering, concept development, brushwork


Supplemental Programs: Painting techniques in acrylic & oil, advanced portraiture (drawing & painting)

August 12 - 16

Sculpture (Polymer Clay)

We’ll take our art into the 3rd dimension to explore sculpture methods with polymer clay. Inspired by the work of modern sculptors and character designers, this camp focuses on 3D sculptural techniques, including form and model making. Kids will learn how to create their own character using 3D materials including polymer clay, fabric, wire, upcycled materials and more.


Skills learned: Model making, sculpting form, character design, assemblage


Supplemental Programs: Character & Game Design 2

August 19 - 23

Advanced Portraiture (Drawing & Painting)

Teens will learn the fundamental drawing skills needed to draw and paint accurate and realistic faces. We’ll cover techniques such as proportion, realistic shading and structure. Plus, we’ll go beyond realism and learn how to draw caricatures of our favourite celebrities, including how to draw exaggerated faces and features to create awesome fan art.


Skills learned: Shading, line, drawing realistic shapes and form, caricature 


Supplemental Programs: Painting Techniques in Acrylic & Oil, Illustration & Watercolour

August 26 - 30

Digital Art & Design

If you’re interested in graphic design, this is a camp you won’t want to miss!

First, we’ll dive into the seven principles of design so teens will learn the fundamentals. Then we’ll learn how to apply those principles in a variety of digital projects, such as logo and poster design that explore typography and iconography. Students can choose whether to pursue digital painting or design in their final project. 


Skills learned: Principles of Design, typography, layout, colour theory


Supplemental Programs: Character & Game Design 1 & 2




Flexible Options & Hours

Note: $50 deposit is required to reserve your spotAll materials included. HST extra. No camp July 1 (Canada Day) or Aug 5 (Civic Holiday).

Summer Camp


  • Early birds save 5% before May 2!

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