Virtual Art Camp for Teens

Summer Intensive Art Camp for Teens

July 6 - September 4, 2020

Winged Canvas is excited to announce a new Virtual Art Camp, designed just for teens! These intensive camps are designed to accelerate learning and creative growth in a short period of time with personal guidance from an Artist Mentor. Summer is the ideal time to learn some serious art skills, create amazing artwork and meet new friends!


The Teen Intensive Art Camp takes place LIVE on weekdays from 2:00 - 5:30 pm in our virtual art studio, through our secure video conferencing server. 

Each intensive camp is offered on a different week of summer and is 3.5 hours a day, including a 30 minute break in between.

Suitable for Ages 13 - 18
Intermediate - Advanced

Art Portfolio Development

Teen Intensive Art Camp - Highlights

Here's a throwback to our Teen Intensives at our physical studio. In response to COVID-19, we're moving our summer online this year with virtual art camps!

Art Camp Learning Themes

Click on a theme below to discover what campers will learn throughout that week

Wk 1

Realistic Drawing

Jul 6 - 10

Wk 2

Figure Drawing

Jul 13 - 17

Wk 3


Jul 20 - 24

Wk 4

Digital Painting

Jul 27 - 31

Wk 5

Character Design

Aug 4 - 7 (4 days)

Wk 6

Sculpting Techniques (Polymer Clay)

Aug 10 - 14

Wk 7

Animation (Digital)

Aug 17 - 21

Wk 8

Portraiture (Drawing)

Aug 24 - 28

Wk 9

Acrylic Painting

Aug 31 - Sep 4


Teen Intensives Virtual Camp - Fees

Winged Canvas Virtual Art Camps offer flexible options for parents, sibling discounts, and savings on multiple camp weeks. No Camp on Monday, Aug 3 (Civic Holiday)

Note: A $50 deposit per child per camp is required to reserve your spot.


Full Week Camp: Mon - Fri (2:00 - 5:30pm). The week of Aug 4 is $280 for 4 days. Check out our weekly themes.

*Prices in Canadian dollars. HST applicable for Canadian residents. Programs subject to change/cancellation.


Exciting Learning Themes Every Week

Lessons include step by step demos, critiques. sketching time, discussion and guidance on two final art projects. Small groups allow for personalized instruction.

Full Week Camp: Monday - Friday (2:00 - 5:30pm).

Did you know we offer a Digital Art Camp for 

grades 6 - 12?

Realistic Drawing Camp

July 6 - 10

This is a bootcamp for realistic drawing and suitable those who want to expand their artistic skillset. Students will learn fundamental techniques to improve their drawing speed and realistic drawing abilities.

Lessons: Composition, Value, Form, Shading & Textures, Colouring
Projects: Animal Drawing from a Photo, Still life from Observation

Materials: Pencil set (4H, 2H, HB, 3B, 6B), sharpener, eraser, kneaded eraser, ruler, coloured pencil set (24+ colours), 11 x 14"+ paper / sketchbook, gray / toned paper.

Related Camps: Figure Drawing, Portraiture, Illustration

Figure Drawing Camp

July 13 - 17

Learn the fundamentals of figure drawing in this one week program, suitable for teens with some prior drawing experience. Led by figurative artist Fei Lu, students will learn how to sketch quick gestures as well as realistic human bodies, including hands and heads, perfect for art school portfolios. For more figure drawing, join our Facebook group for life drawing enthusiasts.

Lessons: Gesture Drawing, Proportions, Contours, Form, Shading

Projects: Tonal Value Figure Drawing, Layered Master Study

Materials: Pencil set (HB, 4B) or Charcoal / conte, sharpener, eraser, kneaded eraser, ruler, 11 x 14"+ paper / sketchbook, tracing paper, gray / toned paper, clear tape. Optional: Large newsprint or bond drawing pad, Students may also draw digitally.

Related Camps: Realistic Drawing, Portraiture, Character Design

Illustration Camp

July 20 - 24

Learn how to apply your drawing and painting skills to produce a variety of exciting projects, like food illustrations or designing cover art! Led by children’s book illustrator Nasim Abaeian, teens will learn the art of illustration, including concept development, visual storytelling, drawing and design.

Lessons: Ideas into doodles, composition, style exploration, colour schemes

Projects: Quirky Vegetables, Cover Art

Materials: Pencil, eraser, ruler, black fineliner pen, coloured pencils / marker, 9 x 12" or larger paper / sketchbook. Optional: Watercolour. Students may also draw digitally.

Related Camps: Character Design, Animation, Watercolour, Sculpture

Digital Painting

July 27 - 31

This specialized art camp is designed specifically for teens seeking to learn digital painting techniques. Core lessons will be taught step-by-step using MediBang, allowing students to explore digital art techniques through guided painting projects. There will also be open project time for students to choose their own subject.

Lessons: Digital techniques, layers, colour selection, blending, composition

Projects: Background Art, Portrait (open subject) 
Programs: MediBang Paint (free app), or Procreate (paid, iPad)


Related Camps: Animation, Illustration, Acrylic Painting

a hand colouring an illustation of roller skates
person drawing a portrait in pencil

Character Design Camp

August 4 - 7 (4 days)

If you love inventing your own characters, or have fantasized about being a character designer for entertainment, this is the camp for you! Learn the creative process behind designing unique characters in various poses, expressions, and accessories. We'll also explore the awesome world of fan art mashups for inspiration! 

Lessons: Concept art, exploring shapes, expressions, character rotation

Projects: Character Mashup, Character Rotation 
Materials: Pencil, eraser, ruler, black fineliner pen, coloured pencils / marker, 11 x 14" or larger paper / sketchbook. Students may also draw digitally.


Related Camps: Figure Drawing, Animation, Sculpture, Illustration, Digital Art

Sculpture Camp (Sculpey)

August 10 - 14

Inspired by the work of modern sculptors and character designers, this camp focuses on 3D sculptural techniques, including form and model making. Teens will learn how to sketch and sculpt their own character using including polymer clay and paint.

Lessons: form design, structural design, sculpting techniques, finishing paint

Projects: Miniature Model, Original Character (bust or full body)
Materials: Original Sculpey / Super Sculpey oven bake clay (min 1 lb), wire (workable by hand or using pliers), aluminum foil, toothpicks, plastic cutlery, rubbing alcohol spray, old paint brushes. Optional: Acrylic paint (for colour), sand paper, fabric scraps.


Related Camps: Character Design, Illustration, Acrylic Painting

Animation Camp (Digital)

August 17 - 21

If you've ever dreamed of being an animator, you can experience many different ways to animate in this camp. We'll explore the art of animation and bring simple characters to life! Students will create two animation exercises in this camp. This camp is a great introduction also great for animation portfolio students.

Lessons: 12 animation principles, introduction to Krita, squash and stretch   

Projects: Bouncing Ball, Open Animation Project.
Materials: Demonstrations are made digitally in Krita, a free program (recommended for beginners) Download Krita Optional: Students may also use Procreate (iPad) if they are already familiar with the functions (such as layers, and animation tutorial).


Related Camps: Digital Art, Character Design, Sculpture, Illustration, Digital Art

Portrait Drawing

August 24 - 28

Learn how to draw realistic portraits and exaggerated caricatures in this camp. We’ll cover techniques such as proportion, realistic shading and structure. Plus, we’ll go beyond realism and learn how to draw caricatures of our favourite celebrities, including exaggerated faces and features to create awesome fan art. Feel feel to share your realistic portraits on our Facebook group for life drawing.

Lessons: Facial proportions, head structure drawing, exaggeration, skin tones   
Projects: Caricature, Self Portrait 

Materials: Pencil set (4H, 2H, HB, 3B, 6B), sharpener, eraser, ruler, coloured pencil set, 11 x 14" or larger paper / sketchbook. Students may also draw digitally.

Related Camps: Realistic Drawing, Figure Drawing, Illustration

Acrylic Painting

August 31 - September 4

This specialized art camp is designed specifically for teens seeking to further develop their skills in acrylic painting. Core lessons will be taught step-by-step, allowing students to become familiar with acrylic mediums. We’ll explore composition, value, colour mixing, brushwork, blending and layering. Students may choose their own subject for one of their projects.

Lessons: acrylic mediums & tools, composition, colour mixing, blending, impasto 

Projects: Object Painting, Summer Landscape, Open Subject Painting 
Materials: Acrylic Paint (white, black, red, blue, yellow, brown), gel medium, 3 canvases (1 small, 2 medium), 3 Brushes (1 large flat, 1 medium flat, 1 small round), water container, palette, paper towel, white chalk, pencil, paper / sketchbook. Optional: additional colours, palette knife, stay-wet palette.


Related Camps: Digital Art, Watercolour, Illustration

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