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Virtual Art Classes

Live, interactive online art lessons and mentorship from professional artists. Flexible enrollment. Join in anytime!

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cartoon drawing of furry animal character with potions

Cartooning & Anime

Art Foundations

detailed watercolour painting of statue in fantasy forest

Watercolour Painting

Art Foundations

drawing of floating islands

Drawing Foundations

Art Foundations

acrylic painting of puppy with reference

Acrylic Painting

Art Foundations

easy digital art of an island landscape

Digital Art

Art Foundations

cat watching a pendulum sway back and forth animation


Art Foundations

Online Art Enrichment Programs

Winged Canvas programs are suitable for ages 9 - 99! Choose your learning level to find a suitable class:

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Level 1 (Black Background).png

Beginner - Intermediate

Learn art fundamentals with step by step lessons, guided projects and feedback on ways to improve.

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Intermediate - Advanced

Learn challenging techniques such as realism, figure drawing and character design with more creative freedom.

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Level 3 - Art Mentorship

Advanced - Master

Master your skills, choose your own art projects, and get custom critiques with personal coaching -- great for portfolios!


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🤓 Learn more about Virtual Art Classes!

Our virtual classes happen LIVE on Google Meet which means you can draw along step-by-step in real time and get immediate support from your instructor. You’ll be able to share your artwork for feedback through webcam, screen sharing, and after class via Google Classrooms. 


All you need is your computer and a few art materials, which are generally flexible. Learn more about how live online classes work.

Classes take place live in Eastern Time (Toronto / New York). If our class times don’t work with your timezone or schedule, you can choose the recorded learning option, and you’ll have a week to complete the lesson before the next lesson is posted.

You’ll have all access to class materials and online feedback without attending live (which has limited spots). Choose the Recorded Learning Option (RLO) upon registration and save 25%


Video Art Courses

To learn from our art instructors at your own pace and on your own time, see our video art courses. If you register for a video art course, you’ll get access to our members-only Discord channels for feedback on artwork you made in class.

If you’ve taken online classes for school, you’ll already know the convenience of skipping the traffic, saving time and money, and being able to join from anywhere, in seconds, even from home in your pjs. While it’s a different experience from walking into a physical studio, our students prefer learning art online for many reasons:

  1. No more stressing about missed classes – we’ll send you the recording so you can get caught up before the next class, whenever works best for you.

  2. Didn’t finish your masterpiece during class? Send in your work (finished or unfinished) on Google Classrooms to get feedback from your instructor even in between classes. No need to pack up and leave the studio when class ends. If you’re on a creative roll, you can continue to draw or paint for the rest of the day!

  3. Are you shy or introverted? Webcams and mics are optional, so feel free to stick to interacting via the text chat. No matter what you’re comfortable with, you’ll get to meet like-minded artists from all around the world.


Not quite sure if learning art online is right for you? To help you start your creative journey at Winged Canvas, new students can try 2 lessons for the price of one! Check out our program schedule to see all the classes you can choose from. 

Nope! Talent is a misconception – sure it offers an advantage, but ultimately only passion and effort combined with consistent practice will bring creative success.


“I am a strong advocate for passion and effort over talent. If your child loves to draw in their free time, all they need is a supportive and encouraging environment to thrive! This is the spirit of being an art nerd — always seeking creativity because of an all-encompassing love for art. 

At Winged Canvas, we nurture artistic integrity and design thinking by teaching art foundations through our signature NERD teaching method. Our goal as art educators is to mentor our students to become fearless creators of the future — artists, illustrators, animators, and designers who make meaningful artwork.” 

- Fei Lu, Founder of Winged Canvas

Learn more about why you don’t need talent to be a great artist with a student success story!

Over our many years of teaching art, developing curriculum, and supporting other educators, our teaching method has been proven to be effective with students of all ages. Since 2013, we’ve guided hundreds of thousands of people to becoming better artists and designers. All lessons at Winged Canvas follow our unique N.E.R.D. Teaching Method, the four pillars of learning. N.E.R.D. stands for Nurture, Explore, Recreate, and Design: 


NURTURE: Inspire students with visual examples that introduce a new concept.

EXPLORE: Identify, discuss, and interpret what was observed.

RECREATE: Instructor demonstrates the technique or creative process step by step.

DESIGN: Students create within the theme, using the new concept or skill learned.


Beginner or advanced, every project is broken down into these four stages for maximum learning. 


At Winged Canvas, we know the importance of understanding the creative process. Instead of just copying the teacher, students will learn how to create meaningful artwork with design, purpose, and style. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of our teaching method. 


Fun fact: We call ourselves, our students, and our growing online community “art nerds” because of this. It has become a guiding philosophy of ours… and we even wrote an art nerd manifesto!

Our instructors are passionate teachers and professional artists with creative industry experience from a variety of fields: illustration, animation, concept art, game design, painting, graphic design and more. Many of our teachers have graduated from renowned art schools such as OCAD University, Sheridan College and Art Center College of Design. Meet our art instructors.

Tip: If you’re building an art portfolio, or looking for customized learning or career advice, you’ll want to work with these experienced artists in an Art Mentorship class.

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​At Winged Canvas, we see a world where any child can attend world-class art lessons taught by professional artists online from the convenience of home -- no matter where they live. Our mission is to make art education easily accessible to everyone -- starting with virtual art programs and school workshops to support teachers.
- Fei Lu, Founder, Winged Canvas