Level 3 Art Class

Realistic Drawing

Weekly Virtual Class

This intensive drawing class teaches fundamental realistic drawing techniques, suitable for teens and adults looking to improve on their drawing skills. Learn art concepts and techniques for drawing realism such as shading, 3D forms, perspective, blending, realistic linework and principles such as composition.

We will learn how to draw realistic people, objects, things in perspective, and various shading techniques, which can later be applied to advanced studies in painting, design and sculpture. Students will work in various dry media such as pencil, crayon, pen, coloured pencils, markers and pastels. Drawing exercises are demonstrated step by step, and projects cater to each individual’s interest to make projects interesting and fun.

Projects in level 3 classes require a longer commitment as they are more challenging. Classes focus on teaching concepts and advanced techniques, and lessons are more open to individual styles and interests. This is an ongoing weekly virtual class. Join in anytime!

Ultimate Art Nerd Goal: to become a master illusionist with your art skills and draw things that look so real that someone might think it's a photograph at first glance. Once you've reached ultimate art nerd status, you can continue your studies with self-directed learning in Art Mentorship.

Sample Lessons for Realistic Drawing Classes:
How to draw realistic people and animals
• How to draw realistic landscapes and environments
• How to draw clothing and fabric
• How to compose and design a still life
• Realistic shading and colouring techniques

6 - 10 students

Level 3 - 4

Grade 7 - Adult

Suitable for

Ages 12+

Class Schedule

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All monthly and seasonal classes occur consecutively and include one make up class per term if given 24-hour notice. 

*Prices do not include HST 

*Classes subject to change/cancellation. 

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