Art Portfolio Camp for Teens (12+)

Dec 21 - 23 & Dec 28 - 31, 2020


This winter, we’ve designed a 7-day art portfolio building camp just for teens.
This online art camp is held live via video in our secure virtual classroom. Students will be able to ask their instructor for specific advice on their portfolio and work with them to improve on existing pieces as well as new artwork. The goal of this program is to equip students with tools, knowledge, and expert advice that’s customized to their needs.

NEW! Mix & Match Art Intensives + Art Mentorship to receive a discount.



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How Virtual Classes Work


Two Camps: Mix & Match!

Choose based on your portfolio building needs.

Mix & Match 2h Art Intensive courses & 1.5h Art Mentorship classes.


Take up to 7 days of winter portfolio classes from Dec 21 - 31. 


Art Intensives  |  2h Classes

Figure Drawing Intensive

Dec 21 - 23 | 10:00am - 12:00pm
3 day intensive course with Fei Lu

Sculpture (Polymer Clay) Intensive

Dec 28 - 31 | 10:00am - 12:00pm
4 day intensive course with Fei Lu

Art Mentorship  |  1.5h Classes

Drawing & Painting Mentorship

Dec 21 - 23 & Dec 28 - 31 | 2:00 - 3:30pm

7 day mentorship class with Fei Lu


Digital Art & Animation Mentorship

Dec 21 - 23 & Dec 28 - 31 | 3:30 - 5:00pm

7 day mentorship class with Yeri Sa


Teen Winter Art Camp Schedule

Build your art portfolio this winter with traditional and digital artwork from Art Intensives and/or Art Mentorship.

Dec 21 - 23 / Figure Drawing

figure drawing lesson demos Improve your figure drawing skills in this three day art intensive program, suitable for teens looking for advanced drawing experience. Led by figurative artist Fei Lu, students will practice sketching quick gestures as well as drawing detailed realistic human bodies, including hands and heads, structure drawing and anatomy -- perfect for illustration and animation portfolios. Instructor: Fei Lu Lessons: Gesture Drawing, Proportions, Contours, Form, Shading Project: Detailed figure drawing of your choice + LOTS of sketchbook drawings!

  • Graphite Pencil set (HB - 4B)
  • Black and white pencil crayon (Prismacolour work best)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Hard eraser
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Ruler
  • Clear tape
  • 11 x 14"+ paper / sketchbook
  • Tracing paper (can substitute with wax 0r parchment paper)
  • Gray / toned paper (for final project)
Optional materials:
  • Large newsprint or bond drawing pad
  • Charcoal / conte
  • Students who have digital art experience may also draw digitally

Dec 28 - 31 / Sculpture

student sculpture Inspired by the work of modern sculptors and character designers, this camp focuses on 3D sculptural techniques, including form and model making. Teens will learn how to sketch and sculpt their own character or concept using polymer clay (that stays wet until you bake it!), wire and acrylic paint. Instructor: Fei Lu Lessons: form design, structural design, sculpting techniques Project: Build a sculpture of your choice (suitable for portfolio students)
1 lb+ Original Sculpey (white, soft clay, suitable for beginners) or 1 lb+ Super Sculpey (skin tone. medium clay, suitable for faces and characters) Wire (workable by hand or using pliers) Aluminum foil Wooden toothpicks Sculpting tools (or alternatives, like cutlery, tweezers, and other household tools)

Optional Materials: 50 - 70% rubbing alcohol spray (for smoothing) Old paint brushes (for smoothing) Assorted sandpaper (for finishing) Acrylic paint (for colour Fabric scraps (for texture / character design)

Dec 21 - 23, 28 - 31 / Drawing & Painting

portrait drawings in pencil Applying to a fine arts programs in high school, college, or university? Master your traditional drawing techniques and painting skills with customized guidance and feedback from artist mentor Fei Lu as you work on your portfolio pieces. Winter Art Mentorship Classes are a great way for you to test out our art portfolio classes. After winter break, we encourage prospective art students to take Drawing & Painting Art Mentorship and continue building their art skills and portfolios.

Dec 21 - 23, 28 - 31 / Digital Art & Animation

bouncing cat animation by yeri sa Take your digital art or animation portfolio to the next level! Learn the art of digital paintings, illustration techniques, and digital animations with the guidance of artist mentor Yeri Sa, who specializes in digital art and animation. Step by step animation lessons are taught using Krita, a free open source painting program used by professional animators. Students may choose to create artwork digitally using a drawing app of their choice. Demonstrations are taught digitally in Medibang Paint Pro. Curious to learn digital? Check out our Free Lesson: How to Use Medibang Paint Pro - Tutorial for Beginners

❄️ ART INTENSIVE - Live Courses ❄️ (Overview)

Sometimes you just need a few days to hunker down, get focused, and work on those projects you’ve been procrastinating on, like that sculpture for your portfolio! Or, maybe you need to improve on your figure drawing skills, which is essential for illustration and animation portfolios. Art Intensives are a great way to get a quick refresher on core art skills to gain confidence in your artwork, especially with the stress of portfolio season.

Program Details
Art Intensives are live, 2 hour classes over 3 - 4 consecutive days. Lessons are step by step, and class time is used for feedback, inspiration and guidance on your projects. Remember, the best results take discipline and practice! We can teach you how to sculpt and how to draw realistic figures, but it’s up to you to practice and complete your projects on time.

Not all projects can be completed during class time, so be prepared to dedicate an additional 1 - 2 hours each afternoon to continue working on your own. If you prefer guidance throughout the process, join one of our Art Mentorship camps!


Overview Do you need help getting your portfolio ready? Have questions about choosing a major or school? Hoping for an expert to give you a professional and honest opinion on your work? This camp is a portfolio building program that allows for independent / self directed study, under the guidance of a professional artist instructor. Designed for teens, this program is taught the same way as our Art Mentorship classes. Our Art Mentorship program is our most popular class for customized learning because all of the live demonstrations and lessons are catered to individual student goals! Program Details
On the first day of camp, you’ll complete an assessment with an Artist Mentor to set goals and create a customized learning plan. The rest of the camp is spent on check ins, feedback, and working on individual projects with time for one-on-one guidance and live demonstrations.
For Best Results
To make the most of class time and get the best results, students should plan to dedicate additional time between classes to work on their projects. That way there are more opportunities for feedback cycles and improvement during the live classes. Students would also benefit from having a working mic so they are able to communicate faster with their instructor.

Art Mentorship is meant for students who know what they want to learn, or have specific portfolio goals. If you’re unsure, or prefer step by step learning, consider joining our Summer Art Intensives, Winter Art Camp for Kids, or Virtual Art Classes to brush up on your art fundamental skills!

Art Intensives & Art Mentorship (12+)


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Teens Winter Camp Pricing & Details


Art Intensives Courses (12+)

Figure Drawing: 

  • Dec 21 - 23

  • 10:00am - 12:00pm


  • Dec 28 - 31

  • 10:00am - 12:00pm​​

Class Size: up to 12 students


Art Mentorship Classes (12+)

Drawing & Painting: 

  • Dec 21 - 23 & 28 - 31

  • 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Digital Art & Animation: 

  • Dec 21 - 23 & 28 - 31

  • 3:30 - 5:00pm​

Class Size: up to 6 students