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Private Art Mentorship

Online art portfolio review & 1-on-1 lessons

What is Art Mentorship?

Art Mentorship is a specialized art program developed specifically for students who know what they'd like to learn, or those seeking one-on-one style lessons. Art Mentorship classes are suitable for teen and adult students looking to master specific skills or develop a portfolio under the mentorship and guidance of award-winning artists and designers. 

Virtual Private Art Lessons

Get 1-on-1 online master classes with an art mentor and kickstart your school portfolio! Get live demos upon request -- whatever YOU want to work on, and creative guidance on personal projects. Pick the brain of art experts and get answers to all your burning questions about art schools, programs or career advice!


How Art Portfolio Reviews Work

Book a private art lesson with a mentor and get actionable feedback on how you can improve your art portfolio, what to include, what to leave out, what to tweak, and recommendations for next steps.

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Artist Mentors & Specialties

Drawing, Painting, Cartooning

Arruniya Mohendran

Drawing, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour

Arruniya is an Ontario Certified Teacher and holds a degree in Drawing & Painting from OCAD university. She loves drawing, painting, and printmaking, and her favourite subjects are inspired by nature. She specializes in teaching youth all of the art fundamentals for creative success. More about Arruniya 

Here's a video clip of Arruniya teaching

Drawing, Painting, Portraiture, Illustration, Figure Drawing, Sculpture, Portfolio

Fei Lu

Advanced Drawing, Painting, Media Arts

Fei is an award-winning artist, illustrator and designer who has worked in numerous creative fields. She founded Winged Canvas in 2013 to pursue her passion for art education. Fei paints in oils, acrylics and gouache, and her favourite subjects are people. She loves plein air painting, collecting art and playing with her dogs. More about Fei

Here's a video clip of Fei teaching

Digital Art, Character Design, Illustration, Drawing, Cartooning, Concept Art, Comics, Anime

Iggy Calabio

Digital Illustration, Anime, Comics & Cartooning

Iggy is an illustrator with a passion for concept art, character design, and anime. He designs characters, makes 3D sculptures, illustrated a children's book and is always painting something digitally. Iggy loves gaming, anime, airbrushing Gundam model kits, and he's a streamer on our channel! More about Iggy

Here's a video clip of Iggy teaching

More About Iggy

Digital Art, Character Design, Illustration, Drawing, Comics, Cartooning, Concept Art, Figure Drawing, Portfolio

Jessie Chang

Digital Illustration, Comics & Cartooning

Jessie is a digital illustrator, cartoonist and the creator of popular webtoon Say Hello Greyson. She draws everyday, and she her favourite subjects are fantasy and horror. She also enjoys writing and playing Dungeons and Dragons. You may recognize Jessie on our YouTube channel and blogs! More about Jessie

Here's a video clip of Jessie teaching

Drawing, Painting, Digital Art, Character Design, Figure Drawing, Portraiture, Concept Art, Illustration, Animation, Sculpture, Portfolio

Josh Chan

Animation, Character Design, Illustration

Josh, also known as "Moodie" is a Toronto-based illustrator and character designer as well as a passionate art instructor. His favourite painting medium is acrylic gouache, and for quick sketches, he prefers ink and pencil crayon. Josh loves movies, video games, graphic novels, and outdoor adventures. More about Josh

Here's a video clip of Josh teaching

Winged Canvas Mentors
🎉Student Success Story
Ava dropped in for a painting camp one summer, re-discovered her creative spirit, and then began learning art at Winged Canvas. She explored drawing, watercolour, acrylic, oils (she loved oil paint the most), sculpture, and digital. She then began working on her portfolio in the Art Mentorship program.

A few years later, she was accepted into the Unionville Arts program, which was her ultimate goal. We are so proud of you, Ava! 👏

Mentorship Class Pricing

pricing illustration

Prices are listed in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. See Tax Info. Have questions? See our FAQ Section.

Benefits of Private Mentorship
Book a private art lesson with a mentor and get actionable feedback on how you can improve your art portfolio, with recommendations for next steps.
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Benefits of virtual art classes
💼 Portfolio Development

Recommended for art & design school applicants.

Benefits of virtual art classes
👤 One-on-One Teaching

Customized instructions and learning experience with critiques

Benefits of virtual art classes
🎨 Personal Art Projects

Determined by student's interests & learning style.

Benefits of virtual art classes
Mastering Disciplines

Target areas of weakness to achieve student goals.

Private Mentorship FAQs

First We Listen

Tell your mentor about your goals and main points.

  • What would you like to accomplish?

  • What are your challenges and roadblocks?

  • What are you feeling unsure about?

  • When are your hard deadlines?


Then We Assess

Your mentor will then give you a critique on the artwork you submitted and discuss:

  • Your artistic strengths

  • Areas that warrant improvement

  • Actionable steps to improve on each piece

Then We Demonstrate

  • Watching someone demonstrate how they would approach improving your artwork is extremely helpful.

  • Feedback may include live corrections on proportions, techniques, and other parts of the creative process.

Private sessions are great for portfolio development because your mentor can provide their expert and unbiased opinion about what to include and what to leave out, making your portfolio the strongest it can be!

Tell your mentor about your goals and main points:

  • What would you like to accomplish?

  • What are your challenges and roadblocks?

  • What are you feeling unsure about?

  • When are your hard deadlines?

To maximize your class time, please submit your artwork and goals ahead of time so that your mentor will have time to review it before your one-on-one class and be better prepared.

The best way to submit your artwork is through a link to a shared folder on Google Drive or to an album.

Have a question you don't see answered here? 💬 Message our team in the chat!

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🏆 Top Art Schools Our Students & Teachers Go To

Our art mentors are graduates of top art universities, specializing in illustration, animation, video game art, graphic design, and more!

Art school logos
jay portfolio

Jay Lintag graduated from the York/Sheridan Program in Design (YSDN). He has led and mentored our design team in web and branding. See Jay's accepted graphic design school portfolio.

jessie art portfolio

Jessie Chang began as a co-op student at Winged Canvas. Now she's an OCAD Illustration student and one of our art mentors! See Jessie's accepted illustration school portfolio.

100+ 5 Star Reviews 🔥 Top Rated Art School

What our students are saying about their learning experience at Winged Canvas!

Inna Gertsberg
Google Review | Student

If you are an aspiring young artist or a parent of one, Winged Canvas is the place. The staff are as passionate about art as they are about teaching, the space is buzzing with creativity...

facebook-thumbs-up-u0h 1.webp

Marta Stepanova

Facebook Review | Student


We are in love... with this community. My daughter enjoys the drawing lessons. As an artist... to find a positive and supportive coaching. I highly recommend... for your professional portfolio.

facebook-thumbs-up-u0h 1.webp

Ava Dedier

Google Review | Student


Fei is incredibly paitient and always has constructive feedback...looking back at my art...I notice a huge difference...I can definitely say their assistance helped with the growth of my skills.

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Looking for Mentorship in a small group?
Try our Group Art Mentorship Classes.

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