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Master classes for adults and teens

What is an Art Mentorship?

What to expect in a mentorship class:

  • Artwork critiques and personal feedback for each individual

  • Lectures on advanced art concepts and helpful industry advice

  • Demonstrations of specific art techniques upon request

  • Explorations of the creative process and your personal style

  • Custom art projects and guidance for self-directed learning

See clips from our Art Mentorship classes & examples of student work!

Art Mentorship helps you become the master artist you are meant to be.

If you know exactly what you'd like to learn in one-on-one style lessons, this custom art program is designed for you! Art Mentorship classes are help you master specific skills and develop an art portfolio. You can pursue personal creative projects under the mentorship and guidance of expert artists.

Benefits of Mentorship

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Portfolio Development

Recommended for art & design school applicants

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Smaller Class Ratios

1:6 class ratio for individual learning and feedback

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One-on-One Teaching

Personalized critiques and learning experience

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Personal Art Projects

Determined by student's interests & learning style

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Mastering Disciplines

Target areas of weakness to achieve student goals

Types of Art Mentorship

We offer two Art Mentorship programs for teens and adults to cater to your needs to strengthen and improve your art skills at your own pace.


Group Art Mentorship

capped at 6 students

Students in themed group classes share similar learning goals and interests, and can support each other on creative decisions. 

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Private Art Mentorship

one-on-one lessons

Ideal for assessments, portfolio reviews, and creative advice. Great for those who prefer independent learning at their own pace.

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Types of Art Mentorship
Mentorship Pricing

👋 New student? Get 2 classes for the price of 1! Sign up for Trial Art Classes

Limited time offer. Valid for group classes only.

Mentorship Class Pricing

Tip: Students booking private sessions / portfolio reviews may send artwork beforehand to save class time.

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😎 Mentorship Success Stories

Hear what mentorship students are saying about their learning experience at Winged Canvas!

Mentorship Details

Art Mentorship FAQs

Art Mentorship is best suited for portfolio students, independent learners, and advanced studies. Students learn what they choose at their own pace in this goals oriented program. Personal learning goals are set with the Artist Mentor during the first class, and lessons are designed to meet those goals.


Mentorship is appropriate for students who are:

  • comfortable discussing their artwork and seeking critique / feedback

  • responsible for working on their artwork independently

  • looking for guidance or career advice from industry professionals

Art mentors are professional working artists and industry experts who are passionate teachers and coaches. Our mentors specialize in illustration, design, painting, animation, digital art, concept art, sculpture, 3D modelling and more!

Their goal is to help motivate, inspire, and coach you to be successful on your own creative journey — whether you are deciding on an art school, switching careers, or leveling up on your creative hobby.

Yes, Art Mentorship is the ideal course for high school students pursuing visual arts at the post-secondary level, or for elementary school students applying to specialized high school art programs (such as the Arts Unionville Program at UHS).


Artist Mentors will show students how to create an outstanding portfolio based on the program requirements they are applying to. Students will learn what to include - and what to cut - while also developing their unique personal style and solidifying key skills such as life drawing. We know what the top art schools like OCAD University and Sheridan are looking for and can help students prepare a cohesive, stand out portfolio suited for each school's requirements.

Got more questions? See our FAQ Section.

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