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Recommended for portfolio students and art students


What are Art Critiques?

Art critiques help you identify areas of improvement and grow as an artist. Get live feedback and individual guidance from award-winning artists and designers. Recommended for art students building their portfolio or mastering a skill.

Participate in group critiques and get private feedback through any of our Art Mentorship programs or as one of the many benefits of being a Patreon supporter.


Students sharing their artwork for critique in our Art Mentorship class.


Benefits of Art Critiques

Receive live feedback from our professional artist instructors to help you improve on your personal artwork!

Types of Art Critiques

All of our artist mentors teach art fundamentals but specialize in different fields and areas of expertise! Join a group class or book a private session with the mentor of your choice.

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1-on-1 feedback from professional artists

Get 1-on-1 art critiques on your artwork from an artist mentor of your choice through private Art Mentorship sessions.

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Small group capped at 6 students


Receive live feedback on your artwork in progress from the art instructor and peers through any of our Art Mentorship classes.

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Monthly membership for live critiques +perks!

Join live group critiques on Discord voice calls by supporting us on Patreon 

(Digital Art Nerd tier and up).

Looking for weekly art critiques?

See our Mentorship Programs

Types of Critiques
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