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Virtual Art Classes

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Live, interactive online art lessons and mentorship from professional artists. Flexible enrollment. Join in anytime!
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Art Foundations Classes

Learn the fundamentals and grow your skills as an artist with guided projects, step by step lessons, and feedback from your instructor. Capped at 12 live participants.

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realistic drawing of bird anatomy in pencil and coloured pencil

Start here to learn FUNdamental drawing techniques and realism

watercolour painting techniques chart

Improve your watercolour painting skills from the comfort of home

digital painting of a castle in a clearing with a waterfall

Design characters and draw worlds inspired by anime and pop culture

acrylic painting of puppy with reference

Learn painting techniques with acrylic, the most versatile medium

digital rendering of a glass vessel

Level up your digital art skills to become a better illustrator

Art Mentorship Classes

Take your art to the next level with coaching, custom demos and lessons tailored to your interests. Perfect for portfolio prep! Capped at 6 live participants.

colour pencil portrait

Draw and paint realistic 3D objects, people, animals, and environments

A dynamic digital illustration of an elf in perspective

Tell visual stories through digital painting for comics and illustrations

cat watching a pendulum sway back and forth animation

Bring digital characters to life frame by frame and get industry advice

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Online Art Enrichment Programs

Winged Canvas programs are suitable for ages 9 - 99! Choose your learning level to find a suitable class:

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Level 1 (Black Background).png

Beginner - Intermediate

Learn art fundamentals with step by step lessons, guided projects and feedback on ways to improve.

Level 2 (Black Background).png

Intermediate - Advanced

Learn challenging techniques such as realism, figure drawing and character design with more creative freedom.

Level 4 (Black Background).png
Level 3 - Art Mentorship

Advanced - Master

Master your skills, choose your own art projects, and get custom critiques with personal coaching -- great for portfolios!

Access the best art education virtually, from anywhere

Relish the convenience of modern learning. Attend a virtual art class and connect with your teacher in seconds!

winged canvas mascot

Learn the FUNdamentals of art, techniques and design thinking together in weekly virtual classes. From beginner to advanced classes, level-up your art skills and get individual guidance and feedback on your artwork.

Terranium project in online drawing class
Watercolour flowers online art class

The future of learning is online 

Join a virtual class to get personalized guidance and feedback on your artwork.
Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Professional Artists

Get step by step guidance from passionate art teachers who are industry experts.

Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Design Thinking

Learn our secret sauce behind the creative process to make exceptional artwork.

Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Small & Interactive

Enjoy the best learning experience in smaller groups limited to 4 - 12 students.

Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Actionable Feedback

Submit your artwork for private feedback, and get tips on ways to improve.

What others are saying about Winged Canvas

Reviews and comments from students, parents, and YouTube viewers.

🤓 Learn more about Online Art Classes

Our virtual classes happen LIVE on Google Meet which means you can draw along step-by-step in real time and get immediate support from your instructor. You’ll be able to share your artwork for feedback through webcam, screen sharing, and after class via Google Classrooms. 


All you need is an internet connection, your computer / mobile device and a few art materials (which are flexible)/ You may also work digitally using the software of your choice.

Recorded Learning Option
Can't attend live classes? Prefer to skip class and watch the recordings so you can pause, rewind, and edit the speed? Choose the Recorded Learning Option (RLO) to save 25%! With RLO, you'll have 1 week to complete the lessons and get written instructor feedback on your submitted artwork. Use promo code RLO25 at checkout..


Video Art Courses

If you're an independent and self motivated learner who prefers to work at your own pace and set your own deadlines, try our pre-recorded video art courses

Critiques on Discord

Looking for a budget-friendly way to get feedback and guidance from our instructors? Become a member on Patreon and get professional critiques on your artwork via Discord as well as other perks like working files and classes!

If you’ve taken online classes for school, you’ll already know the convenience of skipping the traffic, saving time and money, and being able to join from anywhere! While it’s a different experience from learning in-person, our students prefer learning art online for many reasons:

  1. No more stress about missing classes. We’ll send you the recording so you can get caught up before the next class, whenever works best for you.

  2. No need to pack up and leave the studio when class ends. Didn’t finish your masterpiece during class? Send in your work (finished or unfinished) on Google Classrooms to get feedback from your instructor even in between classes. If you’re on a creative roll, you can continue to draw or paint for the rest of the day!

  3. Less social anxiety. Are you shy or an introvert? Webcams and mics are optional, so feel free to stick to interacting via the text chat. No matter what you’re comfortable with, you’ll still have the option of interacting with other artists like you.

Nope! Talent is a misconception – sure it offers an advantage, but ultimately only passion and effort combined with consistent practice will bring creative success.


“I am a strong advocate for passion and effort over talent. If you love to draw in your free time, all you need is a supportive and encouraging environment to thrive! This is the spirit of being an art nerd — always seeking creativity because of an all-encompassing love for art. 

At Winged Canvas, we nurture artistic integrity and design thinking. Our goal as art educators is to mentor our students to become fearless creators of the future — artists, illustrators, animators, and designers who make meaningful artwork.” 

- Fei Lu, Winged Canvas Founder

Learn more about why you don’t need talent to be a great artist with a student success story!

Over our many years of teaching art, developing curriculum, and supporting other educators, our teaching method has been proven to be effective with students of all ages. Since 2013, we’ve guided hundreds of thousands of people to becoming better artists and designers. All lessons at Winged Canvas follow our unique N.E.R.D. Teaching Method, the four pillars of learning:


NURTURE: Inspire students with visual examples that introduce a new concept.

EXPLORE: Identify, discuss, and interpret what was observed.

RECREATE: Instructor demonstrates the technique or creative process step by step.

DESIGN: Students create within the theme, using the new concept or skill learned.


Beginner or advanced, every project is broken down into these four stages. At Winged Canvas, we know the importance of understanding the creative process. Instead of just copying the teacher, you will learn how to create meaningful artwork with design, purpose, and style. 


Fun fact: We call ourselves, our students, and our growing online community “art nerds” because of this. It has become a guiding philosophy of ours… and we even wrote an art nerd manifesto!

Our instructors are passionate teachers and professional artists with creative industry experience from a variety of fields: illustration, animation, concept art, game design, painting, graphic design and more. Many of our teachers have graduated from renowned art schools such as OCAD University, Sheridan College and Art Center College of Design

Tip: If you’re building an art portfolio, or looking for customized learning or career advice, you’ll want to work with these experienced artists in an Art Mentorship class.

​​"At Winged Canvas, you can attend world-class online art lessons by professional artists from home, or anywhere. Our mission is to make art education easily accessible to everyone."
- Fei Lu, Founder

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