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Online Art Program

Cartooning & Anime

Choose your level:
Level 1: Beginner - Intermediate
Level 2: Intermediate - Advanced

Sharpen your cartooning skills and drawing fundamentals in this drawing class inspired by anime culture, movies, and video games.

A sneak peek into our weekly live online Cartooning & Anime class.

Online Art Class Details


🟩 Level 1

Level 1 is beginner friendly with additional art techniques for intermediate students. Learn the basics of drawing cartoon figures with accurate proportions step by step. Explore the world of story creation, character design, and world-building!

You’ll learn the basics of cartooning, the creative process (how to start and finish a drawing), and art fundamentals (line, colour, shape) step by step. Project examples:

  • Redrawing / redesigning popular characters

  • The character creation process

  • Creating cartoon-style environments

  • Designing creatures and creative mashups

  • Outfit and accessory design

If you start a class and feel like it is too challenging or not challenging enough, we will transfer you to another level and waive any admin fees.

🟨 Level 2

Level 2 is designed for intermediate to advanced students who love designing characters, drawing anime or illustrating comics, and are ready to level up their drawing skills.

You'll practice advanced cartooning concepts such as character design, perspective, cel shading, and storyboarding. Project examples:

  • Character / creature creation

  • Environmental design in 1-3 point perspective

  • Outfit design based on visual storytelling

  • Facial structure and anatomical stylization

  • Advanced comic creation

  • Semi-realistic shading and lighting techniques

If you start a class and feel like it is too challenging or not challenging enough, we will transfer you to another level and waive any admin fees.

🔎 Virtual Class Details

Do you love to draw anime, design characters and create comics? This live virtual art class is the perfect place for aspiring artists to explore the world of cartooning and anime, as well as the art of visual storytelling. Learn how to draw from a professional artist in small online classes and get personalised guidance on your artwork!

🕒 Most drawings will be completed in the 1.5-hour classes, but there may be 2-week projects. 

📥 You’ll have the option of sharing your progress and checking in for live feedback. If you need additional time to finish your artwork after the live class, you’re also encouraged to share your finished drawings to Google Classroom to get written feedback from your instructor.

🗓️ Cartooning & Anime is a live virtual art class that is weekly and ongoing throughout the year. It is also offered as a weekly recorded learning option, an online course, and a seasonal daily camp.

🔑 Consistent practice is key to growth and improvement, so most students enrol for a full term and continue learning with us for years. 

Projects rarely repeat, although we do revamp your favourite projects. You can start anytime!

Cartooning & Anime is a great online art enrichment program for artists of all ages from 9 to 99. The program is designed to complement Canadian school curriculum guidelines and is structured and thoughtfully planned every term using our unique teaching method and the latest art trends and design innovations.

✍ Art Materials

  • Pencil (HB)/ Pencil Set

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Eraser

  • Ruler

  • Sketchbook / Drawing Paper

  • Coloured Pencils

  • Black Ball Point Pen

Optional: Markers, Digital art software and equipment

Equipment for Virtual Art Classes: 

For the best online experience, we recommend using a webcam and mic so our teacher may provide instant feedback. Don't have a webcam/mic? Use the text chat and get individual feedback online through Google Classrooms.


4 - 12 students

All Ages 9+

Attend Live or Access Recordings

Virtual Class Pricing 

Live classes occur weekly and camps occur daily. Online video course pricing varies (see course page)Class recordings are sent for all absences. All Program Pricing

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Base Rate
Full Term
10 Lesson Flex Pack
5 Lesson Flex Pack
$34 / lesson
$29 / lesson (save 15%)
$306 (save 10%)
$162 (save 5%)

*Prices listed in USD and applicable taxes are included. Program subject to change/cancellation.

Base Rate
Full Term Rate
5 Lesson Pack
10 Lesson Pack
$34 / lesson
$29 / lesson (save 15%)
$162 (save 5%)
$306 (save 10%)
Get class recordings to learn on your own time and upload artwork for feedback. Learn more
NEW Recorded Learning Option SAVE 25%
Class Details
Program Details
Learn on your own time
THU 5:00 - 6:30 PM ET
WED 5:00 - 6:30 PM ET
WED 8:00 - 9:30 PM ET
WEEKDAYS 10:30 - 12:00 PM ET
WEEKDAYS 1:30 - 3:00 PM ET

Class Schedule (Eastern Time)

See the program schedule for all lessons at a glance.

See the program schedule 

for all lessons at a glance.

Have more questions? See our FAQ Section.

100% Success Guarantee 

We're confident that our students will see great improvement if they consistently try their best in class. If you find our learning experience is not a good fit, we'll issue you a refund.

Cartooning and Anime: Beginner vs. Intermediate Projects

anime character design and reference photo
Create original characters and creatures using shapes and forms.
digital painting of a castle in a clearing with a waterfall
Design captivating environments to tell stories from your imagination.

🎁 Trial Art Classes for New Students

First time here? New students get two virtual classes for the price of one!

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