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Art Portfolio Classes Online

School Portfolio Preparation Programs

💼 Art Portfolio Resources

Art Portfolio Resources

Pro Tips for a Winning Art Portfolio:

🎨 Adjudicators are looking for variety in your artwork, with pieces that explore different mediums and subject matter.

​🧠 Be sure to showcase both your technical ability as well as your conceptual / creative thinking skills.

​😲 The most memorable pieces of art are the ones that advocate for change, are raw with emotion, or have an original idea or style.

Whether you're a student or a young professional applying for illustration, animation, the digital design industry or traditional fine arts, you’ll need a portfolio of artwork that shows off your creative potential.

Portfolio prep takes a lot of hard work, but we've got you covered 
with live online classes in our Art Mentorship program.


Is your art portfolio ready to wow the judges?

Gain insights and shortcuts from creative industry experts.

Accelerate your art portfolio by working with an art mentor!

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📋 Review your portfolio and learn what to include and what to leave out.

❤ Get personal feedback and guidance to pinpoint where you can improve.

🖌 Work on specific art techniques to edit and polish existing pieces.

💪 Receive custom projects and prompts to strengthen your art portfolio.

🏫 Explore career paths and programs before you invest in an art school.

💪 Level Up Your Portfolio with an Art Mentor

Teens and adults can master specific art techniques, improve their conceptual art skills, and get a comprehensive portfolio review or critique with the help of award-winning professional artists and designers in our Art Mentorship program.

100+ 5 Star Reviews 🔥 Top Rated Art School

What our students are saying about their learning experience at Winged Canvas!

Inna Gertsberg
Google Review | Student

If you are an aspiring young artist or a parent of one, Winged Canvas is the place. The staff are as passionate about art as they are about teaching, the space is buzzing with creativity...

facebook-thumbs-up-u0h 1.webp

Marta Stepanova

Facebook Review | Student


We are in love... with this community. My daughter enjoys the drawing lessons. As an artist... to find a positive and supportive coaching. I highly recommend... for your professional portfolio.

facebook-thumbs-up-u0h 1.webp

Ava Dedier

Google Review | Student


Fei is incredibly paitient and always has constructive feedback...looking back at my art...I notice a huge difference...I can definitely say their assistance helped with the growth of my skills.

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🏆 Top Art Schools Our Students & Teachers Go To

Winged Canvas’ portfolio prep program has helped countless aspiring artists get into the school of their dreams. Our alums have been accepted to famous art schools and art programs around the world.


Types of Art Mentorship

We offer two Art Mentorship programs for teens and adults to cater to your needs to strengthen and improve your art skills at your own pace.


Group Art Mentorship

capped at 6 students

Students in themed group classes share similar learning goals and interests, and can support each other on creative decisions. 

Art student with her oversized still life painting

Private Art Mentorship

one-on-one lessons

Ideal for assessments, portfolio reviews, and creative advice. Great for those who prefer independent learning at their own pace.


Is your art portfolio ready to wow the judges?

Get a private online art portfolio review session and expert advice from our award-winning mentors who are alumni from top art schools. With their guidance, actionable feedback, and 1-on-1 coaching, you can get into your dream high school or post-secondary art program!


We are passionate art educators!

Our instructors are industry professionals, lifelong learners, and graduates of top art universities, specializing in creative fields such as illustration, animation, video game art, graphic design, digital media design, and more!




For portfolio students seeking intensive skill-building (age 12+)


Challenging, step by step

Resized LVL2 (1).png
Resized LVL3 (1).png

Level 2 and 3

Class Ratio 1:12

summer intensives jessie.jpg

Level up your art skills this summer! Learn advanced drawing, painting, digital art, sculpture and animation!

digital teen intensives.jpg

Teens will complete their portfolio with an artist mentor to get into the school of their dreams!

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Art Portfolio Examples & Tips

Animation Portfolio Examples with Elina Nie.

Illustration Portfolio Examples with Jessie Chang.

Illustration Portfolio Examples with Jay Lintag.

🏅 Success Story & Testimonials

Two of our Art Mentorship Students Got into Sheridan's Prestigious Animation Program. Here is their portfolio advice!

📁 Blogs for Portfolio Students


Want expert guidance on your art portfolio?

Here are some portfolio programs.

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