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Portfolio Camp


Online Art Portfolio Prep

Art Portfolio Camp | Winter Break
🗓️ Dec 27 - 29, 2023 & Jan 2 - 5 2024

Daily 2 hour group mentorship lessons for portfolio prep.

This winter break, you can get coaching, career advice, actionable feedback on your artwork, and personalized guidance on curating a stand-out portfolio. Get expert advice customized to your portfolio goals.


Program capped at 6 people for the best interactive learning experience.

🔥 Top Rated Online Art School

What our students are saying about their learning experience at Winged Canvas!

Oscar Park
Google Review | Student

The teachers are like art encyclopedias! They always know how to improve your artwork and make it fun to learn at the same time! If art was a video game, then Winged Canvas is that one power up...

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Jana Montalbo

Google Review | Student


Winged Canvas is really great! I took their Figure Drawing...and the methods they taught me has really helped me understand breaking down the human body in simplified forms and going step by step...

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Ava Dedier

Google Review | Student


If you are an aspiring young artist or a parent of one, Winged Canvas is the place. The staff are as passionate about art as they are about teaching, the space is buzzing with creativity...

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💪 Get Expert Advice & Critiques on Your Portfolio Pieces

Video clip of art mentor Fei Lu critiquing student work during her Mentorship class,

This camp is designed to support portfolio students with:

  • Finding the right program / advice on creative careers

  • Choosing artwork for a winning portfolio

  • Critiques and feedback to improve existing artwork

  • Guidance on personal projects or works in progress

  • Custom demos by request 

Join your mentor LIVE in our virtual art studio!

portfolio illustration

🎁 Trial Art Camps for New Students

First time here? New students get 2 virtual art camps for the price of 1!

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Building a Portfolio?

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