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N.E.R.D. Teaching Method



Inspire students with visual examples that introduce a new concept


Identify, discuss, and interpret what was observed


Instructor demonstrates the technique or creative process (step by step)


Students create within the theme, using the new concept or skill learned

Our Motto is also our Teaching Method


Picasso believed that all children were born artists, and we at Winged Canvas agree. While the education system focuses predominantly on sciences, maths and languages, we at Winged Canvas hope to fill an important gap that every child needs. Through our workshops and classes, we want to foster and nurture creativity in children and teens via visual arts.


From encouraging students to express their emotions, to teaching cultural awareness, to supporting social interaction skills, to expanding their imagination and knowledge, there’s no denying that visual arts are a key component in childhood development.


At Winged Canvas, all workshops and tutorials are founded on our four pillars of learning. As a studio that lives and breathes for the arts, we wholeheartedly believe in being Art Nerds! Which is why, our four pillars cater to the visual art process for budding art lovers.

N.E.R.D. is at the core of our art programs.

Art Nerd Illustration


Inspire students with visual examples that introduce a new concept

During the first pillar of learning, Winged Canvas instructors NURTURE the class by introducing a new artwork or concept they’ll be learning. Students will be inspired with visual examples, style references, and ideas/concepts that they may not have seen before. Through this process we hope they find and express their own ideas and voice. We aim to foster a sense of curiosity and excitement from the students—by introducing them to a new piece, students are faced with their next challenge and their brains are bubbling with ideas, opinions, and inspiration.  

resized nurture izzy powerpoint presenti
juliet and izzy working together teacher


Identify, discuss, and interpret what was observed

During the EXPLORE stage of our learning process, students and the instructor then proceed to discuss, interpret and identify what they observed. This is a beneficial component to the learning process as students try to grasp the foundations of this process, while also asking any questions they may have about the techniques. This step is key in helping with student growth in the visual arts, while also helping them grow their problem solving skills.


Instructor demonstrates the technique or creative process (step by step)

In the RECREATE stage, Winged Canvas instructors do a demonstration of techniques needed to recreate the artwork that was shown at the start of the lesson. From seeing it, to understanding it, to watching someone do it, RECREATE is a key step in the process, as students really get a chance to learn and observe the technique step-by-step. After a group explanation, our instructors then provide one on one time and personalized instruction during each student’s design process.

Art teacher working one on one with a young student
watercolour whale painting kid art
watercolour whale kid painting


Students create within the theme, using the new concept or skill learned

While the technique was originally taught at the start of the process, the final stage opens doors for students to interpret the technique and process in his or her own unique way. In the DESIGN stage, interpretation of the theme is encouraged, which is fostered through the student’s own interests and stories. Students can then design original artwork rich in meaning, personal style and imagination.

Art Mentorship: Independent Learning with Coaching


Adults and teens have their own ideas and interests. While beginners prefer the step-by-step group learning model. advanced and independent learners prefer to choose their own projects and art journey, with the help of an artist mentor by their side. In our Art Mentorship program, a student may be inspired by the Group of Seven (Nurture) and have the desire to create their own subjects while interpreting that style (Explore). They may then request a demo by the instructor (Recreate) to learn the technique and apply it in a way that is meaningful (Design).

Art Mentorship is perfect for those working on their art portfolios, or students looking for a supportive and accountable group of artists to learn with. It's a program designed for one-on-one-style learning, with specialized projects, individual feedback, and demos upon request. Experience our teaching method in a semi-private coaching style program tailored to each individual's interests, needs and goals.


We believe in the benefits of learning from different artists and instructors, as having an array of artists can provide unique perspectives and interpretations of the world.  

Winged Canvas instructors
are experienced industry professionals who specialize in different areas, from illustration to comic books, 3D art and toy-making, watercolour to acrylic, plein air to oil painting—all areas that teach the skills and concepts needed in building a strong art foundation for future creative success.

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Online learning is great but it's not for everyone...

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