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Whether you are an elementary, high school, or home school teacher, you can use our free teaching resources to help you educate the next generation of artists.


This membership provides a done-for-you art teaching system that will give teachers back their time and energy to enjoy the creative experience with their students. It will empower every teacher — even those with zero art experience — to facilitate effective and engaging art lessons in the classroom or online!


Access a growing library of video lessons and teaching templates designed for educators to teach visual arts according to school curriculum standards. Enjoy the flexibility of bite-sized lessons taught step by step by professional art educators and award-winning artists!

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ELEMENTS OF ART: Video Resources

Educational and entertaining videos to introduce your art students to the elements and principles of art in under 10 minutes.


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ELEMENTS OF ART: Handouts & Worksheets

Printable handouts to guide your students on the elements and principles of art, and inspire them to apply these concepts in their work.


ART HISTORY: Video Resources

Quick art history lessons that introduce your students to famous artists with fun facts and an anime styled portrait from start to finish.


Go more in depth after watching our art history videos with slideshows and short answer worksheets to check your knowledge.

Art Movements Throughout the Ages

Decorate the walls in your art classroom with fun facts about famous artists throughout history, from Picasso to Frida Kahlo and Monet to Munch.

Simple step by step drawing tutorials and handouts made for elementary and high school art students. 



BLOG: Articles for Teachers

Art education articles that will level up your teaching methods with creative project ideas and tips to share with your students.


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