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Whether you are an elementary, high school, or home school teacher, you can use our free teaching resources to help you educate the next generation of artists.


Winged Canvas instructors create video lessons designed for classrooms!


With our teacher membership, any educator can faciliate engaging art lessons designed to school curriculum standards. Each course has various modules containing an art project equipped with:

  1. bite-sized video lessons

  2. teaching templates and assessments

  3. worksheets and assignments


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Beginner Drawing (Grade 1+)

Introduce young students to drawing techniques step by step as they learn the elements and principles of art. Suitable for grades 1 and up

Intro to Digital Art (Grade 3+)

Teach complete beginners how to start making digital art immediately using the FREE program Medibang Paint. Suitable for grades 3 and up

Drawing Foundations (Grade 4+)

Teach creative thinking and fundamental drawing skills that explore different techniques, subjects and styles. Suitable for grades 4 and up

Cartooning & Anime (Grade 6+)

Teach art FUNdamentals with an anime twist using pop culture references and character design (taught digitally). Suitable for grades 6 and up

Figure Drawing (Grade 9+)

Teach human anatomy, proportions, and structure drawing in this advanced course that combines classical and modern techniques.Suitable for grades 9 and up


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ELEMENTS OF ART: Video Resources

Educational and entertaining videos to introduce your art students to the elements and principles of art in under 10 minutes.


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ELEMENTS OF ART: Handouts & Worksheets

Printable handouts to guide your students on the elements and principles of art, and inspire them to apply these concepts in their work.


ART HISTORY: Video Resources

Quick art history lessons that introduce your students to famous artists with fun facts and an anime styled portrait from start to finish.