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Winged Canvas in the News


From our humble beginnings as Markham's Art Hub to our transformation to an online art school, here's what others have written about us.

  • Voted #1 Arts Educator in Toronto 

  • Awarded a silver play button in 2022

  • 230,000+ subscribers on YouTube

  • Rated 5 stars on Facebook & Google

Since its launch in 2014, Winged Canvas has been featured on:


Winged Canvas’ Online Art Camp Nurtures Creative Kids

Do your kids love art? Join Winged Canvas Summer Art Camp for engaging and interactive virtual art lessons from home, led by professional artists in small groups! Their unique teaching method combines live instruction with step-by-step demonstrations and personalized guidance. Also, teachers give their students individual online feedback, even in between classes.

Through the online summer camp, young artists get to explore all forms of art for an unforgettable learning experience. Winged Canvas is on a mission to make art education accessible to everyone, combining endless creativity and innovative projects by instructors who are also professional artists. As a result, students are more confident, happy and creative!

Watercolour with Arruniya-L1.webp

Winged Canvas instructor Arruniya teaching the magic of water colour painting online.

Family Fun Toronto

Winged Canvas Online School & Summer Art Camp

Sign up for Virtual Summer Art Camp!

This summer, students can sign up for Summer art camps at Winged Canvas. These programs are meant to delight, inspire, and grow imaginations! Campers meet virtually with their instructor to discuss the creative process, learn new techniques, support each other and share artwork.

Kids are taught art fundamentals the fun and memorable way ― through popular culture, illustration, and self expression. Students often love to draw their own original characters with unique programs like Cartooning & Anime, Digital Art, Drawing Foundations, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour and more!

Summer sessions are limited to 10 students for a better learning experience, and to make it possible for the teacher to give individual guidance and feedback.

Teens wanting to explore art during the school break can also sign up for Summer Intensives. These camps specialize in different mediums and creative disciplines such as figure drawing, character design, comics & manga, digital painting, animation, illustration, landscape painting and portraiture.

Toronto 4 Kids

Markham art school offers help to teachers

Posted by York Region | 2021 | Arts & Entertainment

“I've heard teachers that said: ‘you know what? I just give up ... we're not going to do art; it's just it's too much.’ They were really, really struggling,” Lu said. 

Winged Canvas has launched a web portal for teachers so they can create art lessons in their physical or virtual classrooms, according to school curriculum standards.

“Bite-sized lessons are taught step by step by professional art educators and award-winning artists,” Lu said.

The portal for teachers is based on a subscription system. Founding members are able to shape the contents of the program.

“We wanted to make it really easy so that teachers can enjoy the creative process with their students, and not feel like they have to be teachers, but they can be participants, and in that way, they can build stronger connections with their students, and be able to have fun with them and create something unique with their students.”

Winged Canvas wanted to give teachers the tools to teach great quality art lessons with without the teacher having to raid Pinterest or use YouTube videos, Lu said. 

“Now that we don't have a physical location, our costs have come down, so we're able to pay our teachers more,” she said. They were also able to hire 25 people.

Going online has had another benefit. “We have been able to reach our students who are more shy; we've noticed that some students in class are super shy, they don't interact at all, or they don't share their work at all. But online, they're totally different people ... They just come out, they're very talkative very chatty. They are so much more comfortable online. So, there are some kids that actually learned online better as we would have never known.” 

Winged Canvas opened on Feb. 15, 2014, founded by Lu and Aaron Fruman in Markham. 

For seven years, Lu’s art school/gallery Winged Canvas had classes, camps, and events at multiple art studios. 

Then COVID hit and in 2020, she and her team transformed it into an online art school. 

Winged Canvas has invited teachers to test out the first module on all five courses (suitable for Grades 1 to 12) for free. The membership is available at with the first 50 founding members gaining access for $18 per month.


For more information, contact or go to

Winged Canvas launched web portal so teachers can create lessons

Fei Lu knew there was a need for online help for art teachers.

She’d heard their despair. “I'm in a lot of teacher communities already listening to the struggles that teachers have to deal with, and it's incredible what they've gone through, especially during the transition,” said Lu, founder of Winged Canvas, an online art school based in Markham. “And during the pandemic, there are some teachers who are just like ‘I don't, I can't, I don't know how to teach art online, or I'm teaching art online and in class, how this is impossible’.”


Top 20 Places to Take Kids in and around Toronto

Winners in Special Categories

In the second part of the survey, Kids Out and About Toronto asked readers to select their favorites in three categories.

Our voters chose Winged Canvas as the
top arts educator of 2021 AND 2022!

Top Arts Educator: Winged Canvas

Winged Canvas is a visual arts school specializing in virtual learning for kids, teens, and adults with a variety of classes, camps, and mentorship. Our teachers are professional artists who are passionate educators. We also host creative events and custom art workshops for schools that supplement the Ontario Arts Curriculum.

Kids Out and About Toronto

Markham's Winged Canvas art hub moves online
amid COVID-19 pandemic

Winged Canvas, an art hub in Markham, is moving its art classes online in response to the emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fei Lu, 35, grew up in Markham. In 2014, Fei and her husband opened a four-studio art hub at 185 Bullock Drive that soon became very busy, a “bustling” business where anyone could pick up and develop art skills. 

They celebrated their sixth anniversary on Family Day and, not too long after in mid-March, were forced to temporarily close their art hub and adapt their services to go online. 

It was a saddening experience for Fei and her staff, as they were all set and “ready to go” with their March break art camp, a program that had been sold out and was one of their most important sources of revenue. 

They were also steady and ready to go with their summer art camps; however, those have been cancelled as well, and Fei is in the process of issuing refunds.

However, one of the biggest business decisions Fei had to make was to say goodbye to their Markham art hub, the only physical space they had to operate in, and go completely online.

Some services could no longer continue, such as commissions and the art gallery. However, they have adapted some of their programs, such as drawing foundations, drawing techniques, animation, finger drawing and digital art, to go online at the same quality as it would be if it were
in person. 


Fei Lu and her husband Aaron Fruman opened the Winged Canvas Art Hub in Markham in 2014. They are forced to close their doors at their Bullock Drive art centre due to struggles associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. They are now offering all types of online classes at April 27, 2020 - Steve Somerville/Torstar


The Winged Canvas art hub in Markham launched its Paws and Reflect art exhibition on Friday. Pongo, one of two popular dogs (Sadie is behind at far right), were on hand to serve as models and help inspire the artists. May 25, 2018 - Steve Somerville/Metroland

Fei said the last month, although difficult, has really been about testing what works. She said that through some trials, they figured 8x8 would be the best free video-conferencing provider to use for online classes. “This has been working out, not sure if it’s going to be our permanent solution,” Fei said.

They have also been using Google Classrooms, and are asking customers for feedback about what it is they want to learn. “It’s been so different and we’ve had to adapt our teaching methods to new ways,” Fei said. 

“Not sure if this will be permanent,” Fei said of the future for the art hub, adding that ”I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen.”

We were one of the social businesses urged to close, and if we closed and paid for an empty building … it just wasn’t a good business idea to do that,” Fei said. “We were lucky we weren’t tied to a 10-year lease.”

However, the decision was difficult and became an emotional time for the team, as more than half of the staff had to be laid off. “We were like a family, very close … It’s been very sad for everybody and all of those face-to-face interactions will no longer be there,” Fei said. 

These tough times have helped Fei realize the strength of her art hub, in a sense; as her building was packed up into boxes, she realized more and more that her art hub isn’t a place. It’s an amazing and educational experience that can also take place online. 

“We are not limited by the building,” Fei said, which means her online classes can also accommodate her international client base. “We are optimistic.”

Another interesting discovery since the art hub went online has been that adults who frequently avoided joining classes with children actually didn’t mind joining the children in online sessions.

“We’re learning and discovering all types of ways learning is changing,” Fei said. 

As for their customers, Fei said she has felt so touched and grateful to them. “We have very loyal customers and they have supported us,” Fei said. She gave an example of one family who turned down a refund of their money, telling her to keep it to help support the art hub. “That was really touching,” Fei said. 

“We feel optimistic on how we can reinvent learning online with our customers, with their help and input,” Fei said.


Family Day Painting Party at Winged Canvas

The Winged Canvas Art Hub in central Markham recently celebrated five years of creativity at their gallery/studio/art class facility on Bullock Drive. 


Owners Fei Lu and Aaron Fruman, along with their enthusiastic staff, host at least eight theme-based exhibitions each year.


Exhibition themes include contemporary landscapes, the art of realism, the art of abstraction, emerging artists and pop-culture, among others. 


Art classes are designed for beginners up to advanced level and include basic drawing, art foundation, intensive life drawing, acrylic painting, cartooning and anime, digital art and mixed media.


“We want to help bring local art into local homes with the gallery and exhibitions,” said Lu. “Markham is my home town. It’s where my roots are.”


She and her staff can also mentor youth, and give guidance with building and fine-tuning portfolios.


They offer high-end printing and framing services as well as hosting painting parties and art camps.


 ”We want to be leaders in art and education, and we are seeing a lot of talented youth here,” said Lu.

04252019a 13_Super_Portrait.jpg

Fei Lu stands in the main gallery space. She, along with her husband Aaron Fruman, own and operate the Markham Art Hub on Bullock Drive in Markham. April 23, 2019 - Steve Somerville/Metroland

Economist & Sun

Winged Canvas Celebrates 5 Years

Posted by Markham Economist & Sun | 2019 | Arts & Entertainment


Family Day Painting Party at Winged Canvas

Posted by Snapd Markham | 2019 | Arts & Entertainment

On Family Day, Winged Canvas held a family painting party to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Parents and children created a winter-themed acrylic painting guided step-by-step by a Winged Canvas artist. During the past five years Winged Canvas has become a vibrant community space created by artists for artists and art enthusiasts. Owner Fei Lu and her team think that making art together with family and friends is the best way to celebrate this milestone.

Austin, Lori and Xavier - Photo by Darrell Hein

Markham Review

The Art of Realism Exhibits the Intricacies of the Everyday

Posted by Markham Review | 2019 | Arts & Entertainment


From Feb. 22 to March 24, Winged Canvas Art Hub in Markham invites art enthusiasts to join them for a special free exhibition, The Art of Realism.

The art hub’s aim is to create a space in the suburbs where artists can connect and show their artwork.

The Art of Realism brings together York Region and Toronto-based artists who create art in the styles of realism, hyperrealism and photorealism. The work has been described as precise, incredibly accurate, and highly detailed. Featured artists include Carmela Leone, Celia Tian, Fadwa Attyah, Fei Lu, Sabrina Cardillo and Raffi Anderian, an award-winning former illustrator for the Toronto Star.

Those interested in attending the exhibit are also invited to the opening-night party on Feb. 22 from 7 to 10 p.m. Visitors who attend the opening evening will have the opportunity to meet and talk with the artists while enjoying complimentary refreshments. The opening festivities are free but tickets must be reserved by registering online through

Image: Winged Canvas owner and creative director Fei Lu with Steve Lusk, York Region Arts Council vice-chair and Markham Public Art Committee chair. Bryan Navasero photo

Holiday Art Show Opening

Posted by Snapd Markham | 2018 | Arts & Entertainment

There was merriment and good cheer at the Winged Canvas Holiday Salon Show and opening party. The event featured a beautiful collection of artwork by local artists in a variety of mediums and styles. Guests mixed and mingled with the featured artists while enjoying live music and light refreshments. There was also the opportunity to purchase a unique gift from the array of art on view for the person who has everything. 


Top row artists: Lowell Lo, Nasim Abaeian, Cindy Fan, Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Izzy Jefferson, Lorne Chapman, Carmy Leone: bottom row artists: Rupal Dave, Nermine Hanna, Owner and Curator Fei Lu - Photo by Submitted to snapd Markham.


The Art of Abstraction

Posted by Snapd Markham | 2018 | Arts & Entertainment

Winged Canvas Art Hub held an opening reception for its latest exhibition called The Art of Abstraction. Ten local artists working in abstract style in a variety of mediums and subjects were featured in the group show. Communicating beyond the boundaries of formal representation, abstraction helps to create new pathways of seeing. In addition to viewing the art display, guests could create a virtual reality (VR) painting using a program provided by New Steps 4 U. They could also enjoy a glass of wine and light refreshments while watching artist Stacey MacNiven demonstrate her work process. Winged Canvas Art Hub's mandate is to advocate for art literacy and cultivate a contemporary art scene in the community by supporting its aspiring and professional artists.

Giovanna Ngai, Administrator, Curator Alice Yao, Mayor Frank Scarpitti, Winged Canvas Art Hub Founder Fei Lu and Councillor Alan Ho - Photo by Darrell Hein .

Markham Thrives

Markham’s Art Hub Offers a New Concept for Arts Engagement

Posted by Markham Thrives | 2018 | Arts & Entertainment

The mission of Winged Canvas is to advocate for art literacy and cultivate a contemporary art scene in Markham. Artists and art lovers of all ages now flock to the company’s Art Hub at 185 Bullock Drive.

Since opening its doors in 2014, the Art Hub has grown to three art studios, onsite art reproduction services, full-service custom framing and a 1,000-square-foot art gallery serving both artists and art enthusiasts.


Among its programs for artistic literacy are classes, camps and parties, each designed to foster creative growth in artists of all levels. Ten instructors offer more than 40 programs, from step-by-step classes for beginners to art mentorship programs for independent and advanced study. The popular day camps for kids as young as age five provide specialty art lessons focused on skills-building, and in-school art workshops and creative field trips provide new opportunities for students.

Over the past four years, Winged Canvas has helped cultivate the local art community by offering free art events, along with meaningful youth employment opportunities and partnerships with small businesses and community organizations. The vibrant gallery space is now a local art attraction, holding regular exhibitions for York Region’s emerging and practicing artist community. Stop by to check out the current exhibition, and learn more at

Children’s art development programs and day camps abound at the Art Hub.

The Art Hub gallery breaks down traditional barriers by keeping artists and buyers locally focused while providing affordable exhibition space in the form of curated, salon-style shows and group shows. Painting, photography and uniquely crafted items are featured.

Posted by Markham Review | Jan 9, 2018 | Arts & Entertainment

There are some great arts and culture options in Markham. The Varley Art Gallery and McKay Art Centre are two that most have likely already visited, but the Winged Canvas Gallery, that just launched an art show and sale on Jan. 5, is also worth the trip.

The show encapsulates the art hub’s vision of a community gathering space, connecting artists and art enthusiasts alike. Despite the frigid cold, art lovers continue to stop by and celebrate the local art scene. Featuring the work of local artists Fadwa Attyah, Rob Hyland, and Patricia Roncone, the show displays natural landscapes and their ability to evoke feelings of tranquillity and affirm the promise of new beginnings.

The January show wraps up on Jan. 28 with a no-HST closing sale.

The gallery is located at 185 Bullock Drive, Unit 1. Visit for details.

Photo: Artist Patricia Roncone with Gio Ng.

Daily Telescope

Markham Art School Introduces a Full-Service Art Gallery

By Sarah Thompson, on December 9, 2017 .

Markham, Ontario – Markham’s very own art hub and distinguished school for artists, Winged Canvas, has announced the opening of their highly-anticipated, full-service art gallery. The Markham art gallery will provide even more artistic opportunities for Markham and York Region artists and art aficionados alike, offering events such as group shows and salon art shows for residents to enjoy.

Founded by the award-winning artist, Fei Lu, Winged Canvas has become a local art hub in the York Region and Greater Toronto Area for artists of ages. Containing studio spaces for artists, as well as classes, camps, and other art services, the vibe within the gallery is often described as one to cultivate inspiration. Prior to opening Winged Canvas, Lu herself has been recognised for her talents as a graphic designer, illustrator, and advertising art director. She comes from a family of internationally-renowned artists such as her grandfather, EnYi Lu, and aunt, Jai Lu.


Winged Canvas is starting an art movement by building a space where local artists can connect, create, and share their artwork with the community. “Right now, people living in the suburbs have to make the trek down to Toronto if they want to buy or sell art. Winged Canvas wants to change this. We believe this movement will help spread artistic literacy and bring a cultural vibrancy to the York Region community,” says Fei Lu, curator and founder of the Winged Canvas Gallery.


The Winged Canvas Art Gallery features a plethora of original artwork by exhibiting artists, and the expansion to a full-service gallery has evoked a great deal of excitement among local creatives. Already buzzing with anticipation of what is to come from their recently announced Call for Artists, running from November 24th to December 17th, local artists have much to look forward to in what the local art hub can offer.


Designed to appeal to individuals of all ages, children and adults may derive pleasure from the classes, camps, and other events hosted at the gallery. The only request when entering is a shared passion for the arts.


The recent addition of group and salon shows exhibited at the art hub have received positive reactions from visitors and students of the gallery thus far. Additional events and exhibitions featuring provocative and inspiring artwork can be expected in the near future. With the recent Call for Artists and announcement of their expanded full-service gallery, Winged Canvas brings exciting news to the art world for students, teachers, and artists alike.

Child's Life

Winged Canvas Holds Juried Student & Teacher Art Exhibition

On September 15th, Winged Canvas Art Hub will be opening their 2017 Juried Student & Teacher Art Exhibition. In support of local and emerging artists, this show aims to provide Art Hub students and instructors with a space to showcase the amazing artwork they’ve created at the studio. Art will be up for sale, providing students with a unique opportunity to sell their work in a gallery setting. On Opening Night, come chat with the artists, enjoy live performances, and vote for your favourite student pieces. Who knows, you may even come upon the work of a future Picasso!


Opening Reception: Friday, September 15 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Also on display will be artwork by the talented Winged Canvas instructors and staff. The Art Hub’s instructors range in age from their 20s to their 80s, and come from wonderfully diverse artistic backgrounds. This will surely make for a unique and lively show. Featured in the exhibition will the work of Fei Lu, Izzy JeffersonArruniya Mohendran and more!

The Student & Teacher Art Exhibition is open for viewing at the Winged Canvas Gallery from Friday, September 15 to Thursday, October 5. Don’t miss out on the Art Hub’s Opening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Friday, September 15. We hope to see you there!


More events and programs at Winged Canvas Art Hub.


Join Winged Canvas Art Hub for the opening reception of Art & Travel: A Cultural Odyssey, an exhibition of evocative travel sketches and paintings by Fei Lu and Enyi Lu. This exhibit will take you on an artistic journey across cultures. Meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments.

Winged Canvas Art Hub

185 Bullock Drive, Unit #1,
Markham ON

Saturday, April 22, 2017

8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

2017-04-12  北美好生活

四月二十二日,万锦市Winged Canvas艺术中心将举办名为《艺术与旅行》万里路-旅行采风绘画展。由来自中国的著名油画大师吕恩谊老先生和他的孙女,Winged Canvas艺术中心的创办人吕华菲联合展出。


奶奶是徐悲鸿的学生,美术设计师,姑姑中有音乐家,画家和室内设计师,生长在艺术世家的吕华菲从小就热爱绘画。2005年她毕业于美国帕萨蒂那艺术中心设计学院,曾在多伦多的公益广告公司任艺术总监,作品多次获奖。五年前她辞职当起“背包客”,花了一年多的时间在世界各地旅行。她用画笔记录下沿途的风土人情,创作出以旅行为题材的一系列绘画作品并创建了自己的美术学校Winged Canvas艺术中心(。


画廊地址:Unit 1, 185 Bullock Dr, Markham, ON L3P 7R4 ( McCowan / Hwy7 东北)免费入场。
开放时间: 周二至周五 12:00 -21:00, 周六至周日 10:00 -18:00
详情请登录 。

York Media Group

Markham Economist & Sun By Simone Joseph

Looking for fun and interesting activities to do on Monday during Family Day 2015 in Markham?


2. GET ARTSY. Art hub Winged Canvas hosts a Family Day open house from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with fun art activities for all ages and chances to win prizes. There will be free mini painting lessons, a superhero themed drawing contest and a children’s activity table.

Student artwork will be on display, as well as original paintings by co-founder Fei Lu. Admission is free and refreshments will be available. The first 25 people receive a free Winged Canvas loot bag packed with surprises.

Winged Canvas is at 91 Anderson Ave. unit 12 in Markham.

Markham Economist & Sun |  Aug 7, 2014

Markham Economist & Sun
World Journal
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