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I couldn't have imagined a better co-op experience than working at Winged Canvas! I have learned so many new things and have been given amazing opportunities to take on real-world assignments. . .My time here definitely opened my eyes to not only how a small business functions, but also to how teamwork plays an important role in the success of any project. I truly admire how welcoming and close-knit the Winged Canvas community is!




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Volunteer Opportunities

If you’re looking to gain experience in a creative field or just want to spend time learning from an inspiring community, volunteering is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people, and be surrounded by creativity! We offer volunteer opportunities such as:

  • Discord / YouTube Moderator (ensure a safe environment for our art community)

  • Media Assistant (find and edit content for our marketing and social media platforms)

  • Design Assistant (find and create graphics, test user flows, conduct market research)

  • Education Assistant (help us develop better programs and educational resources)

Sound interesting? Fill out the application form and we'll follow up with you via email.

Volunteer Barruni facepainting a student

Barruni Baskaran, previously a volunteer, now employed at Winged Canvas

Apply to be a volunteer mod 🔧! Help us promote safety and art nerdiness on our 👾Discord and 🔴YouTube communities!

High School Co-op Opportunities

Looking for an unforgettable creative placement that's fully online? At Winged Canvas, we’re a bunch of passionate art nerds offering fun and meaningful placements in a supportive and inspiring arts community. If you’re looking to gain real-world experience in the creative or visual arts field, we encourage you to apply for co-op!


Best of all, every student receives in-depth visual & graphic design training and mentorship from our team of staff artists. Co-op students will assist with:

  • Content Creation & Educational Research

       Design and package art resources and assist with research.

  • Marketing & Communications

       Content and asset creation for our web and social media platforms.

  • Video Editing & Motion Graphics

       Edit existing video content into reels and shorts, and create simple animations.

  • ​Business & Administration

       Assist with external communications, market research, and user testing.

Please note: We are not currently accepting any co-op students.

Co-op student Jiaran with Winged Canvas staff Fei and Gio

Jiaran Chen, previously a co-op student, now employed at Winged Canvas

Group Photo of Co-op Students from Winter Term 2021

Co-op students from Winter Term 2021


Post-Secondary Internship & Co-op Opportunities

Do the words "life-long learner", and “art nerd” apply to you? We’re looking for passionate creatives who love to learn and apply their skills in exchange for classes and experience!

If this sounds appealing to you, we welcome you to apply for one of these roles:

  • Content Intern - research & write to create engaging & compelling content

Are you in a media or journalism program? Do you love reading and writing about all sorts of topics? Do you blog, vlog, or create content regularly? We’re looking for passionate content creators who have a pulse on what's trending and loves researching to craft the perfect blog, video, press release, or educational resource.

  • Marketing Intern - curate and design media for different audiences

Do you love captivating an audience? Are you on social media 24/7? Got a knack for knowing what’s trending and effective vs annoying and overdone? We're looking for someone who loves editing media for different audiences from photos and videos, to blogs and email announcements. You'll get to work on a variety of marketing projects to craft the perfect marketing headlines, social media captions, and more.

  • Design Intern - create branding assets and design graphics and illustrations

Are you currently a design student looking for some real-world application and projects? Can you be really creative with a tight timeline and small budget? Do you pay attention to all the tiny details like kerning and leading? If so, send us a note!

  • Video Intern - edit and package "edutainment" content for Youtube and Schools

Looking to make an impact with a team of talented creatives looking to change the way our arts education system works? Tired of the boring videos you grew up watching in school? If you love editing raw footage to better communicate and educate WHILE engaging and entertaining the audience, this is the place for you!


Interested? Email us with the following:

  • Your cover letter and resumé

  • 5 - 10 samples of your work that shows you'd be great at your role

  • 3 references from instructors, employers, or other professionals

Please note: All placements are fully virtual and require a minimum of 2 months commitment. If you're looking to fulfil a school requirement, please email gio[at] with your placement requirements when applying.


Jay Lintag, previously an intern from York Sheridan Design, now employed Winged Canvas


Joanna Li and Victor Narvaez, previous interns


Winged Canvas is currently looking for Art Instructors to teach classes, camps and parties at our online art school. Applicants should have a passion for arts education, be tech-savvy, and be self-motivated. Applicants should also have strong visual art skills and a good understanding of art materials and curriculum planning. Candidates must be able to take on a leadership role, be responsible and punctual, and have access to a reliable webcam, mic, and stable internet connection as we are fully virtual. Full Job Listing

We are looking for Art Instructors who specialize in:

  • Cartooning & Anime

  • Animation

  • Figure Drawing

  • Character Design

To apply, please email us your cover letter, resume, and a link to your portfolio containing 8 - 10 pieces of artwork.


Rachael Ng, previously a co-op student, now working at Winged Canvas.

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