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Partially, yes! You can start learning art for FREE on our YouTube channel. We make bite-sized art tutorials for art nerds, and our instructors livestream lessons every week! You can join a stream to draw along with them and interact in the chat! This is our way of giving back to empower those who cannot afford art school.

Paid programs at Winged Canvas include weekly virtual art classes and mentorships, youth camps, video courses, and workshops for schools. Paid classes allow you to submit artwork to get personal feedback, support and guidance from your instructor, which is crucial for creative growth. Projects are guided step by step by professional artists in small groups of 12 (6 for mentorships).

You can buy a monthly membership on Patreon or YouTube to support our content and get perks like class recordings, early video access, instructor critiques, and our private members-only community on Discord!

The Winged Canvas channel is generously supported by our amazing students and fans. Our program fees go directly to funding free education for all on YouTube!  Be the first to know about upcoming events by joining our email list, Facebook, Instagram, or Discord!

Yes, Winged Canvas instructors have a diverse skill set in illustration, concept art, animation, character design, drawing and painting. They have attended prestigious art schools and currently work in their creative fields while guiding students towards achieving their own personal art goals. Winged Canvas also provides extensive and ongoing training on our curriculum. teaching method, and best education practices with technology. Meet your art instructors here.

Winged Canvas classes are taught with our unique N.E.R.D. teaching methodology, which stands for Nurture, Explore, Recreate, and Design – four essential stages of the creative process. Our curriculum is based on teaching drawing, painting, and digital art techniques using the elements of art and principles of design. We guide our students to make meaningful artwork through thoughtful and innovative projects inspired by themes rooted in pop culture, nature, illustration, animation, and art history.

We use a variety of digital art software in our classes and tutorials. Our instructors teach with free programs like Medibang Paint Pro and/or Krita, as well as some paid programs like Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop. Generally, digital art tools are pretty similar, so it all comes down to the artist’s personal preference.

All of our classes are scheduled in Eastern Daylight/Standard Time (EDT/EST Toronto), observing daylight savings.

If our live class times don’t work for you, you can attend classes asynchronously using the Recorded Learning Option (RLO) and still get instructor feedback on your work. You’ll have 5 days to watch the lesson after it’s posted on Google Classroom, do the assignment, and then upload your work for online feedback from your instructor.

Live virtual classes are attended at the same time each week from home (or anywhere with an internet connection). The class experience includes a project for the class with a live demo, feedback and guidance from your instructor to keep you motivated.

Recorded Learning Option (RLO) is an affordable way for self-motivated individuals to watch weekly class recordings on their own time within a 5-day window, and upload artwork for their instructor’s feedback. Every live art program has an RLO option at 25% off.

Online Video Courses are a one-time purchase that provides the most flexibility to learn art on your own time. Buy it once and own it forever – a great option for educators and homeschoolers. Courses do not offer feedback from our instructors, but there are assessments and other teaching tools included for facilitators. Learn more

Private Lessons can be booked with an artist mentor for one on one mentorship. This option is great for portfolio reviews and those who want custom learning or creative advice.


For instructor critiques and feedback on your artwork, become a Winged Canvas member on Patreon or YouTube for exclusive access to the members-only chat and online critiques from our instructors! You can also join our Discord to share your artwork for community feedback.

To see all your learning options at a glance, see Which Class is Right for Me?

Learning online isn’t for everybody, but it offers incomparable convenience and flexibility. The many benefits of learning online include:

  1. Saving time and money by being able to skip traffic and join a live class from anywhere, in seconds, even from home in your pjs!

  2. No more stressing about missed classes – we’ll send you the recording so you can get caught up before the next class, whenever works best for you.

  3. Didn’t finish your masterpiece during class? Upload your artwork (finished or unfinished) to Google Classroom and get online feedback from your instructor even in between classes. No need to pack up and leave the studio when class ends. If you’re on a creative roll, you can even continue your art for the rest of the day!

  4. Are you shy or introverted? Webcams and mics are optional, so feel free to skip them and just interact via text chat. No matter what you’re comfortable with, you’ll get to create with like-minded artists from all around the world!

Yes, there are lots of ways you can save!

  • Save 5% when you register 1 month in advance - use promo code EARLYNERD

  • Save 10% when you register 2 or more students

  • Get 25% off when you register for the Recorded Learning Option (RLO)


  • Purchase a Prepaid Package for a discount on bulk lessons with the flexibility to drop in! After purchasing a package, you can login to your customer area and book the lessons of your choice. Be sure to select the proper package for the type of class you’d like to attend.

Please note: Prepaid packages cannot be combined with additional discounts including the recorded learning, promotion codes and multi-student discounts.

Did you know? If you join our OG Art Nerd tier on Patreon, you’ll get 10% off everything, plus one free virtual class every month, members-only critiques and early video releases!

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not satisfied with your learning experience, we'll issue you a full refund!

  • Refunds are issued through PayPal or using the same method of payment

  • Credit balances expire 1 year from the date of issue

Yes. On the registration page, select one of the flex packs under Prepaid to purchase 5 or 10 lessons at a discount. You’ll be able to use these passes to drop in on any lessons of your choice. Note: Please ensure you have selected the correct package for the type of class you’d like.

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Programs & Curriculum


Attend live weekly virtual classes with your instructor and peers once a week, gathering on Google Meet. Your instructor will give you a creative assignment, and guide you through their creative process with a step-by-step demonstration of their techniques and thought process.

You may participate through the chat, camera and/or mic, and get feedback on your artwork throughout the class and online after class is over by uploading your artwork to Google Classroom. Students do not need a camera or mic to attend class, but it does allow for better interaction with your instructor and peers.

No, with the exception of local school workshops in York Region and GTA (Ontario). Winged Canvas specializes in live virtual classes that provide a convenient and interactive experience without the travel time! To browse our live classes, see our virtual art classes page. All programs are online, either attended live on a weekly basis, or on your own time (asynchronously) with the recorded learning option.

Although we don’t offer in-person classes, many school teachers bring us to their classrooms virtually with online workshops. Homeschoolers and other educators use our video art courses to facilitate in-person classes and after-school programs.

A recommended materials list is posted on each class page. In Art Mentorship, your mentor can advise you on which materials to purchase. For video art courses, materials will be listed at the beginning of each module.

Generally, our requirements for art materials are flexible. Start with what you already have, and you may always ask your instructor for advice on additional materials before purchasing them. We don’t recommend buying expensive or brand-name materials if you’re a beginner. Instead, start with student-grade materials until you are ready to invest in professional quality pigments and materials to show off those advanced techniques!

Note: You also have the option of drawing and painting digitally, even in a class that is taught traditionally. See Digital Art Materials & Hardware

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Acrylic Painting Materials for Beginners

Acrylic or Watercolour?

We recommend starting with a level 1 class in Drawing Foundations (taught traditionally) or Cartooning & Anime (taught digitally).

Choose Drawing Foundations if you’re interested in learning how to draw realistic objects, animals and people. or you’d prefer to see demos drawn using traditional mediums like pencil and coloured pencils.

Choose Cartooning & Anime if you’re more interested in drawing characters, comics or illustrations, or seeing demos drawn using digital tools.

The class size for each program varies. Our goal is to provide quality learning to all of our students and ample time for individual feedback from the instructor.

  • Level 1 - 2 classes and camps have a live class size of 4-12 students to ensure a good learning experience with enough time for personal feedback during class.

  • Level 3 (Art Mentorship) classes have a group class size of 3 - 6 because this program is more personalized.

  • Private Mentorship is 1-on-1 coaching where you’ll get your mentor’s full attention.

If a program is full, the class may be split or a new class may open up. However, there will always be room to attend asynchronously through the Recorded Learning Option (RLO), where you can still receive feedback on your artwork through Google Classroom.

🟩 Level 1 programs are beginner to intermediate, step by step, more casual and welcoming in nature. You may choose to learn at this level permanently to explore your creativity freely without pressure.

🟨 Level 2 programs are intermediate to advanced, designed for learning advanced techniques such as realism, and challenging your conceptual skills. You may choose to learn at level 2 if you’re more serious about your art, and want to master your skills or pursue a portfolio or career in visual art.

If you’re a complete beginner, leveling up may take a few years, but this shouldn’t be the main focus – it should be all about practicing art consistently and having fun! 

A new curriculum is planned every year and lessons seldom repeat, so you can join a class at any time! Fundamental lessons may repeat (such as proportions, perspective, and anatomy) but creative themes and applications will be different. We may also revamp popular or past favourite art projects in our online art camps for youth.

Livestreams: You can start learning art for free with our weekly livestreams on YouTube! But unlike paid classes, you do not get feedback on your artwork during the lesson. Critiques are available to our Patreon and YouTube members through a members-only channel on our Discord, which can be a great affordable option for self-study. If you join live, you may follow along, draw with the instructor, and interact with others in the chat. If you’d like to join our streams, be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to get reminders for when to tune in!

Paid classes: Our weekly classes are capped at 6 to 12 live participants, and. you can pick your teacher’s brain – get their guidance on your ideas, and ask for feedback or redraws on your artwork! In Art Mentorship classes, students may even request custom demos for personal projects, and lessons are catered to your interests. Receiving feedback on your artwork is very valuable because it helps you pinpoint how to improve, and offers guidance and motivation when you’re stuck.

All beginner-friendly classes are taught step by step, and the instructor provides individual guidance and feedback for each student during live classes, and online via Google Classrooms throughout the week. Level 3 (Art Mentorship) students have full customization in their area of study with 1-on-1 style teaching.

Our artist instructors teach all programs according to our signature Art N.E.R.D Teaching Method.

There is no mandatory homework for classes other than portfolio deadlines in Art Mentorship. Artwork completed in between classes can be submitted through Google Classrooms for private feedback or group critique!

Programs & Curriculum

Art Mentorship

Art Mentorship Icon.png

Art Mentorship is a customized learning program where mentors guide their students towards accomplishing their personal creative goals. The curriculum is not pre-set, but is dynamic to the class and tailored to the goals and interests of the group. Every class consists of personal check-ins, feedback and support for each student as well as a group project or demo. Group mentorships are suitable for portfolio students and those who are looking to master a skill, find their style, or work on independent projects.

Group mentorships are limited to 6 people for the best learning experience.

Private mentorships are 1-on-1, and semi-private mentorships can be arranged for siblings or friends who want to learn together.

All of our mentors can work with you on art fundamentals – drawing techniques, lighting and shading, colour theory, anatomy, perspective, etc. Our artist mentors also specialize in different areas of visual art such as animation, illustration, painting, comics, figure drawing, character design, and more.

Tip: Use the subject filters on our private mentorship page to find a mentor who is suitable for you. If you’re unsure, you may always contact us at

You can watch clips of each mentor’s teaching style to determine if they are right for you. If you find your mentor isn’t a great fit, let us know and we can help you find the right person to guide you on your creative journey.

Art Mentorship



You can register for online classes, mentorships, and camps on our Registration page.

Choose a program to register for the entire term. A full term is 15% off the base rate of a single lesson / drop-in. You may also bulk-purchase a 5 or 10-lesson flex pack under prepaid packages, which you can then use as drop-in credits to your desired programs.

See our program pricing chart and individual course pricing on our video art courses.

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Most of our programs run all year, and you may join at any time. We prorate the fees if you’re joining late in the term, with the exception of Summer Art Intensives, as they have a set curriculum, so you’ll be sent lesson recordings for any missed days.

Please note that the 15% off term rate ends 48 hours before the class starts.

If you miss a group class or join late, we’ll send you the class recording so that you can catch up before your next class. Your teacher will be available to answer any questions and provide support through Google Classrooms during the week! Students will have a 5-day window to watch the recorded lesson and do the classwork in order to receive feedback from their teacher asynchronously before the next class. Otherwise, they will have access to the class recording for as long as they are enrolled in the program.

Exception: Private Mentorship students are able to reschedule their lessons ahead of time by logging into their account and booking a new time.

Note: There are no refunds for missed classes because your spot in the program is reserved. All monthly and seasonal classes occur consecutively. If you're unable to attend consecutive sessions, you may choose the drop-in option instead.

Have a look at our recommendations on the Which Class is Right for Me? page to help find suitable programs based on your interests, skill level, and goals.

If you’re new to Winged Canvas and would like to try out virtual learning, we have a 50% off trial class offer for first-time students in group classes (use promo code NewStudent). If you want to try out different classes, purchase a flexible prepaid package for drop-in options. If you discover that online learning isn’t right for you, we will refund any remaining classes on your account. Learn more

If you attend a class and feel like it’s not the right fit, we’ll help you switch into another program. Just contact us, and we’ll either transfer you to another class, or issue you class credits to book another program.


Technical Questions

Winged Canvas mascot with construction hat.png

After you register, you will receive two links: one to join and access your Google Classroom, and another to join your live class on Google Meet. You need to have a Gmail address to log in to both apps.

Both Google Classroom and Google Meet are browser-based (best experienced with Chrome browser) so no additional apps are necessary if you’re learning on a computer. However, we suggest downloading the Google Classroom app on your phone because it makes it easier to snap photos of your artwork and upload it instantly.

If you use a tablet, Chromebook or phone to attend classes, you’ll need to install the Google Classroom and Google Meet apps on your device.

No, you do not need a webcam to attend live classes. Webcams are a great way to interact with your instructor and show them your process live. However, this is not required as not all webcams can capture artwork clearly, and artwork can be uploaded to Google Classrooms for feedback.

Google Classroom is an online tool for instructors and students to connect, assign projects, upload assignments, post announcements, and have private discussions. This is NOT the live class, but this is where all the class details, projects, demos and recordings are posted. Students will need to access Google Classroom to upload their assignments and contact their instructor outside of live classes.

For beginners, we recommend using a starter digital drawing tablet which attaches to your computer. You may also use an iPad or tablet with a stylus to draw. Here’s our list of Best Digital Art Tablets for Beginners.

For digital art classes, we recommend the free programs Medibang Paint Pro and/or Krita. Medibang is a great beginner-friendly digital art program that is easy to learn. Krita is an open-source free program that can be used for animation, and it is very robust, so it has a steeper learning curve.

Watch a tutorial to get started:

How to Use Medibang Paint Pro

How to Use Krita for Beginners

How to Animate in Krita for Beginners

Note: If you’re already familiar with a digital art program, feel free to use that in class!

Technical Questions

Billing & Payments

  • No cancellation fee applies for cancellations made 48 or more hours in advance (this can be done by logging into your account).

  • A cancellation fee of 10% applies for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance

  • Refunds are issued through PayPal or using the same method of payment

  • Credit balances expire 1 year from the date of issue

Your full payment is due upon registering for the term (Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall) or a seasonal camp. You may drop-in classes by purchasing a prepaid package and applying your class credits to the program of your choice when you register.

Space is limited and is first come, first serve. No space is guaranteed without payment.

Note: For groups, workshops, parties, and other special events, we’ll email you an invoice so you can pay online.

Unless otherwise stated, all our prices are listed in US dollars and all applicable taxes are already included.

You will automatically receive a receipt for tax purposes upon registration and payment.

Yes, we can help you with the reimbursement process! When you sign up for a program, you will be emailed your payment receipt which you’ll need to get reimbursed from your provider.

Billing & Payments
Other FAQs

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