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Which Art Class is Right for Me?

Once you know which class you'd like to take, you can use the skill level guide below to navigate the flowchart at the bottom of the page!

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Age 6+ | Level 1

Step by step art lessons suitable for kids
and complete beginners. Adults are welcome to join our classes too!

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Age 9+ | Level 2

Students with some art experience.
Guided lessons with theme-based projects to nurture design thinking.

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Age 12+ | Level 3

Teens and adults seeking advanced study. Focus on 3D form, structure, and realism with challenging projects like portraiture.

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Age 13+ | Level 4

Custom learning or portfolio building.
Get personal critiques, projects, and
demos upon request!

Art Foundations (Level 1: Beginner)

Age 6+ | 1 hour lessons

Designed for beginners, Level 1 classes introduce basic techniques in drawing, painting or digital art with live demonstrations. Students are encouraged to follow the teacher step by step for the majority of projects, but there is always room for flair and customization! Most projects are completed in a single class.

Note for Parents:
Younger students may require parental assistance to set up a workstation and upload artwork for feedback. Virtual classes work best with a webcam as younger children require more interaction and assistance from the teacher.

Art Foundations (Level 2: Intermediate)

Age 9+ | 1.5 hour classes

Level 2 classes blend step by step learning with theme-based projects to nurture imagination and design innovation. Intermediate students have more creative license because they are more familiar with fundamentals and have prior art experience.

For the best experience, we recommend using a webcam and mic so the instructor can provide live feedback. Students may also choose to participate using the live chat and upload their artwork to get individual feedback through Google Classrooms.

Art Foundations (Level 3: Advanced)

Age 12+ | 1.5 hour classes

Projects in Level 3 classes are longer and designed to be more challenging. Lessons focus on advanced techniques and concepts such as 3D form, foreshortening and perspective, realistic shading, colour theory and style exploration. Projects allow for students to express their individuality and interests.


Age 13+ | 1.5 - 2 hour group classes, or private lessons by appointment

Art Mentorship is a specialized program for those looking to master certain skills or build an art portfolio for university. Lessons focus on critiques, discussion, industry advice and guidance on personal creative challenges. Custom projects are assigned based on individual goals or common interests of each group.

Classes for Art Mentorship
Painting Mentorship
Drawing Mentorship
Digital Illustration and Comics
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⭐ Ultimate Art Nerd Status

Our goal is to help you learn how to create intuitively and fearlessly with ease, speed and prowess. Not only will you make cool things, you’ll feel more confident and independent. Once you're an ultimate art nerd, it’s time to find your style and continue self-directed learning in Art Mentorship.

Why Learn at Winged Canvas?

🎨 Learn Art Techniques

Art instructors guide students through a step-by-step process so that they can learn new techniques and express their creativity.

🖼 Create Meaningful Artwork

Making art isn’t just about copying things and making them look realistic. Art is really about visual storytelling, design, and purpose.

🧠 Design Thinking

Design is a big part of our creative process because it teaches innovation, planning, conceptual skills, and personal style.

👩‍🏫 Small Class Sizes

Students receive live feedback and personalized guidance in each class. They are provided with a safe learning environment with supportive people.

💬 Interactive Feedback Cycles

Students may stay in touch with their teachers through Google Classroom, even between classes, to stay motivated and accountable.

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