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Beginner to Intermediate

Learn art techniques and fundamentals with step by step lessons, guided projects and feedback on how to improve your art.

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Intermediate to Advanced

Learn challenging techniques such as realism, figure drawing and character design with more creative freedom.

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Advanced & Portfolio

Master your skills, choose your own art projects, and get custom critiques with personal coaching -- great for portfolios!

Level 1 - Art Foundations: Beginner to Intermediate

Level 1 art classes focus on the fundamentals and techniques in drawing, painting and digital art with step by step demonstrations.


You are encouraged to follow your instructor as they guide you through various themed art projects such as drawing environments, objects, people, animals and fantasy. There is always room for personal style, flair and customization! 

Level 2 - Art Foundations: Intermediate to Advanced

Level 2 art classes focus on learning the art of realism with theme-based projects that are more challenging. You'll learn advanced techniques in 3D drawing, anatomy, foreshortening, shading, rendering and art concepts such as colour and design theory.

Projects are more open to your choice of subject matter. and you are given more creative license to explore your own ideas and style.

Virtual Classes & Camps - Level 2
Level 3 - Art Mentorship: Advanced to Master

If you're looking to master your art skills, get expert guidance on independent art projects or build an portfolio, art mentorship provides custom lessons based on your goals. Group mentorship lessons include critique, coaching, personalized guidance, and demos tailored to the interests and goals of the class.

Group Mentorship lessons are limited to 6 people for the best custom learning experience. Private mentorships are ideal for portfolio reviews.

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Be original. Create fearlessly.

Our goal is to help you learn how to find your own style and create confidently with ease, speed and prowess. Make original and meaningful artwork you're proud of!

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