About Winged Canvas

Established in 2013. our mission as an online art hub is to make art and creativity easily accessible to everyone! Here is our story.

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✌️ Smiling faces of the Winged Canvas team

What We Love To Do


We're an online visual arts school specializing in 🎨 virtual art classes and art mentorship. Our instructors are professional illustrators, designers, and animators with a passion for teaching.


We host 🎈online art events and 🏫 workshops for schools. We also provide free art tutorials and livestreams on our YouTube channel, and design 👩‍🏫 art resources for teachers. We take pride in helping parents, teachers, and homeschoolers access quality arts education from anywhere!

Winged Canvas is an online community
for art nerds around the world. 🤓🌎 We're dedicated to nurturing creativity and teaching art foundations because we believe art is essential to humanity.


Our Teachers & Staff

Winged Canvas art instructors and staff are passionate professionals from a variety of creative backgrounds, and many are graduates of renowned art schools!

We’re a family of like-minded creative individuals who share the same passion for arts education.


Family Day & Winged Canvas' 5th birthday celebration event hosted in old our studio space. A day filled with art & smiles!

Art exhibition at Markham's Art Hub

When we had a physical space, we created a gallery for local artists in the community to display their creations!

Our Community Roots

Winged Canvas first opened on Feb 15, 2014 and was founded by Fei Lu and Aaron Fruman in Markham, Ontario. For 7 years, we had classes, camps, and events at multiple art studios. We were a vibrant art hub, gallery, and creative venue, working with local schools and community partners.


In 2020, we transformed into an online art school with a mission to make art and creativity easily accessible. Now you can attend classes from anywhere in the world!

Why We Love Art Nerds

We challenge the notion of “the starving artist” by showing the world how artists shape the future of humanity. We are the tireless art nerds advocating for artistic literacy and leading better arts education.


Our goal is to cultivate a thriving contemporary art scene by helping aspiring artists, professionals, and art enthusiasts.

Gabriella Guo

Artwork by Gabriello Guo, a finalist in Markham's Ultimate Art Contest 2019 with the theme: "What does Art Nerd mean to you?"


NERD Teaching Method



Inspire students with visual examples that introduce a new concept




Identify, discuss, and interpret what was observed



Instructor demonstrates the technique or creative process (step by step)



Students create within the theme, using the new concept or skill learned

Student Artwork

Our students are the best part of Winged Canvas! Check out the variety of artwork that students have created in our classes and camps! Our students are of all ages ranging from beginners to advanced.

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Free Education on our YouTube Channel

Head over to our YouTube channel for new tutorials, art edutainment, live streams, and more every week!


Looking for more art tutorial videos?

We post weekly videos on digital art, traditional drawing, and art portfolio tips on our YouTube channel

New art videos every Tuesday & Friday!


Our Culture