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Online Art Classes: How They Work

This video summarizes how easy it is to register and get started with virtual learning!

Virtual Art Classes are LIVE.

Most online classes are pre-recorded, and that's a one-way output where feedback is limited. All of our virtual classes are interactive, and held LIVE through a secure video conferencing Meet. Because our classes are not pre-recorded, each classroom is as unique as the students in them!

If you're unable to attend live, our 
Recorded Learning Option (RLO) gives you access to weekly live lesson recordings at 25% off, so you can learn asynchronously and receive instructor feedback through Google Classroom.

Feedback is key to growth.


Our students receive individual feedback and critiques -- either live, through screen share, or during the week in Google Classrooms. 💬 This feedback loop is the key to artistic growth because it offers insights 💡 on where to improve, what to practice, and how to reach your goals. Here are some examples of feedback notes from our teachers:

Live Critiques in Art Mentorship


If you've ever been stuck on an art project, or need an expert opinion, you're not alone! Getting constructive feedback on your artwork is a crucial part of the learning and growing process. Individuals get coaching and actionable feedback from mentors who are creative professionals to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement — ideal for portfolio building.

Virtual Class Platforms

We're currently using Google Meet video conferencing to bring our virtual studio to you. We use Google Classroom to update our students on art resources and materials, and individual feedback on art assignments and critiques.


What do I need to get started?

📧 Gmail Account

You will need a personal Gmail account to access Google Classrooms (this cannot be an existing school or work account). Upon payment, we'll email you the code to join your class. Sign up for Gmail.

💻 Device & Browser

You can use a computer, laptop, or Chromebook, as well as your smartphone. Recommended: Use Google Chrome as your browser to join your live class on Google Meet.

🌐 Internet Connection

Virtual classes are best experienced with a reliable internet connection. Tip: A connection may be improved by plugging in with an ethernet cable.

📷 Webcam (Optional)

Webcams allow students to face time their teacher and show their progress live. Note: Students may turn off their camera whenever they choose, and still interact through voice or text chat. 

🎧 Headphones (Optional)

A headset includes headphones and a microphone which allow for better sound clarity, reducing sound feedback and echoes. Note: Students may mute themselves whenever they choose. 

Essential Guide for Art Education.webp

🤔 Virtual Learning is a great option but it's not for everyone...

Get our FREE Essential Guide for Art Education to get the tools, learn all of your options, and everything else you need to kickstart your child's education in art!

Common Questions

What if I miss a live class?

If you miss a group class or join late, a recording will be sent to you so you can catch up before your next class. Your teacher will be available to answer questions and provide feedback and support on Google Classrooms throughout the week!

Can siblings attend together? 

Absolutely! We offer a friend and sibling discount of 10% if they register together!

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, there are lots of ways you can save!

  • Save 5% when you register 1 month in advance - use promo code EARLYNERD

  • Save 10% when you register 2 or more students

  • Get 25% off when you register for the Recorded Learning Option (RLO)


  • Purchase a Prepaid Package for a discount on bulk lessons with the flexibility to drop in! After purchasing a package, you can login to your customer area and book the lessons of your choice. Be sure to select the proper package for the type of class you’d like to attend.

Please note: Prepaid packages cannot be combined with additional discounts including the recorded learning, promotion codes and multi-student discounts.


Did you know? If you join our OG Art Nerd tier on Patreon, you’ll get 10% off everything, plus one free virtual class every month, members-only critiques and early video releases!

Can I have a trial class?

If you are a new student who has never attended a class at Winged Canvas before, you are eligible for a 2-for-1 trial art class. Visit out Trial Art Classes to learn more!

Got more questions? See our FAQ Section.


Give the Gift of Art!

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