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Learn how to draw dynamic human bodies, 

hands, and faces in difficult angles!

Figure Drawing Resources Top

Figure Drawing Resources

Drawing realistic people can be difficult, so we’ve made a beginner’s guide to figure drawing and anatomy, complete with videos, tutorials, courses, and live online classes.

Figure Drawing Tutorials for Beginners: Getting Started 💪

First time figure drawing? Start by understanding human proportions, poses, structure drawing, and human anatomy. Then, practice your gestures and build speed and confidence with timed drawings!

Teens in an online class show their human anatomy human proportion drawings
Four Rainbow coloured figure drawing gestures
Fei Lu teaching human anatomy proportions online
Two students showing their figure drawing work

Why Learn Figure Drawing?

Whether you’re pursuing animation, illustration, or another visual arts career, you will need to know how to draw the human body! Figure drawing is an essential requirement for most art portfolios and a skill that many art students find challenging.

open life drawing model semi nude teen class adult sketch
Ultimate figure drawing course with Fei Lu banner

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The Ultimate Figure Drawing Course

Prefer to learn online with video lessons at your own speed?

Get our ultimate asynchronous course pack, designed for portfolio students. Learn Fei’s original GSL figure drawing techniques, plus get instructor and peer support on Discord!

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✍ Figure Drawing Programs - Live Lessons Online

Gain some serious skills in weekly virtual figure drawing classes and seasonal camps online for teens and adults!

Proportions of a human body
Art Intensives (Seasonal Camp)
Level 3 (Black Background).png

Accelerate your skills in our online Figure Drawing Camps for teens during winter and summer break.

Get step by step instruction and actionable feedback from a professional artist.

Watch Jessie teach how to draw legs in Figure Drawing Intensive

Gesture drawing of a man doing chin ups.
Drawing Mentorship (Weekly Class)
Level 3 (Black Background).png

Mastering figure drawing is a common goal for portfolio students. Teens and adults can practice advanced figure drawing styles and techniques in a small group, and get coaching from an artist mentor.

Watch Fei give critiques and custom demos in Drawing Mentorship

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