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Online art school for kids, teens & adults


Find the perfect online art class for you

Choose from beginner art lessons for kids to portfolio classes and advanced techniques for adults and teens.

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Level 1 Art Class
Age 6+ | 1 hour classes

Step by step art lessons suitable for kids
and complete beginners. Adults are welcome to join our classes too!

cartooning and anime for kids
Level 2 Art Class
Age 9+ | 1.5 hour classes

Students with some art experience.
Step by step lessons with theme-based projects to nurture design thinking.

cartooning character design
Level 3 Art Class
Age 12+ | 1.5 hour classes

Teens and adults seeking advanced study. Focus on 3D form, structure, and realism with challenging projects like portraiture.

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Art Mentorship
Teen + Adult | Group & private classes

Custom learning or portfolio building.
Get personal critiques, projects, and
demos upon request!

Access the Best Art Education From Anywhere

Relish the convenience of modern learning. Attend a virtual art class and connect with your teacher in seconds!

Kids learn the FUNdamentals of art and design thinking together in our weekly
Art Foundations program. Teens and adult can level-up their skills and techniques in our advanced classes or by learning with an Art Mentor.
Drawing Foundations Virtual Art Class
Digital art class
portraiture drawing class

Build Your Portfolio with an Art Mentor

Applying to art school? Take your art portfolio to the next level and get accepted to your dream college or university.

Get expert advice from professional artists, and customize your learning in Art Mentorship.

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Our live interactive classes are taught by talented artists who provide personalized feedback, guiding you to create meaningful artwork.
Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Professional Artists

Get step by step guidance from passionate art teachers who are industry experts.

Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Design Thinking

Learn our secret sauce behind the creative process to make exceptional artwork.

Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Small & Interactive

Enjoy the best learning experience in smaller groups limited to 6 - 10 students.

Benefits of virtual art classes
✅ Actionable Feedback

Submit your artwork for private feedback, and get tips on ways to improve.

Dedicated Artists with a Passion for Teaching 

The Winged Canvas team brings together art nerds and industry professionals from a variety of creative fields: drawing, painting, illustration, digital art, animation, character design, graphic design and more!

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Access online art enrichment programs from anywhere!

Our online art school offers resources for teachers and art workshops for additional skills that meet (and exceed) Canadian school curriculum standards.
Bring us to your school

We work with teachers to bring art programs and live workshops to your classroom!

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Membership for Teachers

Our system of video lessons, templates and assessments that empowers teachers.

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Book an online art party

Celebrate with a virtual art party or custom online workshop for your next event!

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Learn, grow, create & N.E.R.D it out with us!

Our teaching methodology has helped thousands of artists develop the skills needed to achieve their goals and pursue careers in art and design.

Inspire students with visual examples that introduce a new concept



Identify, discuss, and interpret what was observed


Instructor demonstrates the technique or creative process


Students create within the theme, using the new concept or skill learned

🤓 In fact, being an "art nerd" is part of our philosophy! We're so nerdy that we even wrote a manifesto about it.
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