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Organize a virtual paint night or online art workshop for your team, company or community event! We design custom art workshops to delight and inspire. In a virtual party space, guests can mingle, create and connect from anywhere in the world!


🎉Host an Online Paint Night or Art Party!

Looking for a unique way to celebrate or fundraise online? Virtual painting parties with Winged Canvas are a perfect way to socialize, create, and learn something new! No experience is required, just an open mind and some simple art materials. 

We even provide party e-invites to send!

We know art is good for the soul. But it's also a great bonding activity for adults, families, and communities. Book custom art workshop and discover your creativity!

🔥 Top Rated Art Studio

100+ glowing reviews!

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Online parties connect loved ones around the world and are



You choose the theme, and we'll design an engaging art party for your group. Enjoy live, step by step guidance from a professional artist, and your guests can add their own creative flair (or do their own thing)! Lessons are taught in either acrylic or watercolour.

🥳 We can pop into your space virtually, or host your party in a virtual space!

Download your painting themed e-invite here!

Cartoon / Anime


From anime self portraits to chibi superheroes, cartooning and anime is always a crowd pleaser! Enjoy a live step by step cartooning lesson from a professional artist, while your guests can add their own creative touches.

Draw yourself as an anime character! Screenshot of a finished demo from an online party.

Download your painting themed e-invite here!


Digital art is growing more popular by the day, and is now easier than ever before! Zero mess, no supplies required, and unlimited ctrl-Zs! Learn how to paint a colourful landscape using only digital means and free software.

Digital art demos made for beginners. Yes, you can even do these with a mouse, or finger paint on a tablet or phone!

Download your painting themed e-invite here!

Digital Art


Types and Pricing

Online Party Platforms

🏠Two-Way Video

Private room with video

  • Suitable for smaller parties for the best interactive experience

  • Allows face time (more intimate experience)


How a live 2-way video party works:

  • Private virtual space via Google Meet

  • Easily join on your browser or through an app 

  • Guests may use their camera and mic

  • Get live feedback on artwork through webcam

  • Guests can join chat via mic or text

We can also join any video conference!

🔴 One-Way Livestream

Private stream on YouTube

  • Suitable for larger parties (unlimited guests!)

  • more practical on location / multiple locations

How a live 1-way streamed party works:

  • Private stream on our YouTube channel

  • Guests are sent a private link to join 

  • Live Q&A with the instructor through chat

  • Guests can interact through live chat
    (instructor does not see the guests)

  • Instant rewinds and replays

  • Unlimited guests (may require additional staff to help answer questions)

Company Parties & Team Building
Company Parties & Team Building

Connect and share a creative experience with any team around the world!

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Custom Art Themes
Custom Art Themes

Choose a theme, and our artists will design custom artwork suitable for the age group and skill level!

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Virtual Artist Party Host
Virtual Artist Party Host

Book a livestreamed workshop for your next event!

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Company Parties & Team Building
Company Parties & Team Building

Connect and share a creative experience with any team around the world!

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Prices are listed in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. See Tax Info.

💚 Non-Profits & Charities

Charitable organizations get 15% off

  • A creative way to fundraise

  • Charity Registration Number required

  • Please provide us with your charity registration number


💜 Event Collaborations

We can pop into your virtual event!

  • Custom art catered to your event

  • Book a live artist to entertain


Party Add Ons

Group Caricature
Starting at $20/guest

Commission a custom digital cartoon of your guests -- a party favourite!

Extra Time
$40/ half hour

Extra time for larger creations or just to hang out! (Private rooms only)

Add Ons

Interested in booking an art party for kids? 

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