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SHSM Art Workshops

LIVE online art workshops designed for Arts & Culture Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) students in Ontario 🍁

SHSM High School Workshop Painting from a Student

Designed for Online Learning

Winged Canvas works with schools across Ontario to bring visual art workshops to grade 11-12 students

Our award-winning artist instructors guide students to learn new techniques
step-by-step, based on their areas of interest. Our unique teaching method and live demonstrations show students how to develop valuable creative skills for future success.

💁‍♀️ How a Virtual Art Workshop Works

The workshop is held “zoom-style” in a secure virtual server or platform of your choice

  • Our instructor is able to see the class (if there is a webcam on the classroom device)

  • Better quality option for live Q&A

  • We use Google Meet to host the video call, or we can join your meet!

  • Pricing starts art $30/student

Need assistance? 📧 Email us at hello@wingedcanvas.com

Minimum of 8 students per workshop. See Themes.

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SHSM Workshop Details

Custom workshop themes & times available by request


1.5hr Half Day Workshop


3hr Full Day Workshop

Workshop Structure & Curriculum Summary

Minimum 8 students. A 60-90 minute break is scheduled for full day workshops.

  • The online workshop is held “zoom-style” on Google Meet or platform of your choice​

  • Our instructor is able to see the class (if there is a webcam on the classroom device)

  • Live Q&A and feedback can be given via webcam or on pre-submitted artwork

  • Pricing starts at $30/student for half day and $50/student for full day

  • The live class recording will be sent to the facilitator for student reference

  • Certificates of completion for each student will be sent upon completion


Have questions? 📧 Email us at education@wingedcanvas.com to learn more!

👩‍🎨 Art Workshop Themes

We work hands-on with students to develop valuable core art skills that set a solid foundation for creative success.


Portfolio Presentation

Learn how to build a winning art portfolio for post secondary art / design schools.


Character Design

Students complete a character design worksheet using an original concept.

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Portfolio Critique

Student will receive group mentorship and critiques.

Digital Animation.jpg

Digital Animation

Students will leave with completed stretch and squish bouncing animation.


Figure Drawing

Draw along as instructors demonstrate their process for 1-20 min poses.

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Digital Art

Lesson themes include designing an avatar, creating landscapes, and more!

Need assistance? 📧 Email us at hello@wingedcanvas.com


📦 Full Day Workshop Packages

Custom themes & times available by request

💼 Portfolio Building Program

  • Art career talk with portfolio preparation tips & strategies

  • Leave with a portfolio checklist and action plan

  • Portfolio reviews with individual critiques on pre-submitted artwork


Art Portfolio Presentation

AM Workshop (1.5 hrs)

Suitable for grades 10 - 12

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Art Portfolio Critique

PM Workshop (1.5 hrs)

Suitable for grades 11 - 12



✍️ Figure Drawing + Character Design Program

  • Step by step figure drawing techniques including timed practice

  • Learn the basics of human anatomy, proportions, and posing

  • Design your own character exercise (or full day project)


Figure Drawing

Half Day Workshop (1.5 hrs)

Full Day Workshop (2 x 1.5 hrs)

Suitable for Grades 11 - 12


Character Design

Half Day Workshop (1.5 hrs)

Full Day Workshop (2 x 1.5 hrs)

Suitable for grades 11 - 12


✒️ Digital Art & Animation Program

  • Learn digital art techniques using Medibang Paint or Krita (free programs)

  • Lesson themes include designing an original avatar, digital landscape, etc.

  • Students will leave with a completed animation exercise (or full day project)