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Trial Art Classes

New to Winged Canvas? Start your creative journey today with a two-for-one trial art class! Explore your creativity and see if the virtual learning experience is right for you.


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😎 What Students & Parents Are Saying

📢 Get 2 Classes for the Price of 1 💸

New students are eligible for a trial if they've never registered or attended a virtual program.

After registration, we'll schedule your trial class (pending availability) and confirm via email. Please allow 1 - 2 business days for processing.

Limit of 1 trial per student.

1 - 1.5 Hour Art Classes


For beginner to advanced students:

✔️ Live step-by-step demos & check-ins with instructor

✔️ Experience the unique Winged Canvas Teaching Method

✔️ Meet new friends in a small classroom setting

✔️ See your progress as we follow a set curriculum


1hr classes



1.5hr classes

1.5 Hour Art Mentorship

For students with independent projects/portfolio building:

✔️ Learn from a professional artist in your area of interest

✔️ Observe LIVE demos, discussion, and critiques

✔️ Meet other like-minded creatives for inspiration and support

✔️ Goals-oriented: custom teaching specific to your interests



Please note: We have a maximum class capacity, so spots are limited!. Prices are listed in Canadian dollars and do not include taxes. See Tax Info.

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🙌 Find the Perfect Art Class

Between our amazingly talented instructors, our signature teaching method, and our unique art nerd culture, you’ll find everything you wished for in an art school, and more!

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A screenshot from our Cartooning & Anime class

🙋‍♂️ The Future of Learning

Our live interactive classes are taught by professional artists who provide personalized feedback, guiding you to create meaningful artwork. Now you can learn art from home or anywhere in the world!

Why Learn at Winged Canvas?

Students holding up their work during class
Art with Purpose

Don't just copy; learn how to create meaningful artwork with design, purpose, and style.

Art instructor teaching virtual class
Live demonstrations 

Learn by observing step by step techniques from professional artists. 

Student showing art teacher her tablet
Design Thinking

Understanding the creative process is crucial for planning and problem solving.

Students in online art class
Small Class Sizes

Small groups allow teachers to give direct support and feedback in real time!

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👩‍🏫 How Virtual Classes Work

Start learning in 5 easy steps! After registering, you'll receive a code to join your classroom. Attend live lessons and get actionable feedback on your artwork. Learn new skills with other creative people!

Benefits of Virtual Art Classes

🏠 Safety and convenience

Connect in seconds anywhere in the world with an internet connection! No more sitting in traffic or time wasted with commuting. You can even attend in your pajamas!

🕒 Ideal for busy people

No more stress about missing a live class -- replays are available to watch on your own time. Get feedback from your teacher online even in between classes!

💬 Interactive feedback cycles

Students may upload their artwork for live feedback in class, or get private guidance online. Contact your teacher for questions, motivation and tips to stay on track!

🌎 Meet artists around the world

Thanks to technology, you can meet like-minded artists all across the globe, and get different opinions and support for your creative decisions!

✨ Use promo code NewStudent 

Don’t miss out! This 2 for 1 offer is only available for new students. ✨ Use promo code: NewStudent ✨

Mastering art skills takes time. Talent is over-rated; being a great artist has more to do with your interest, dedication, and practice!


- Fei Lu, Founder, Winged Canvas