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Winged Canvas and the Curious Case of Sriracha

You’d be hard pressed to find someone that hasn’t at least heard of the sauce Sriracha, also knows as “That one sauce with the rooster on it.” Here at Winged Canvas, we are certainly no strangers to this spicy condiment. In fact, you may even say we are Sriracha Connoisseurs.

However, what could possibly compel us to date our Sriracha bottles? Date taken as context from the above picture as the time and date of the year, not date as expressing one’s intense love for another through methods of courtship. Meet our intern, Bryan “The Rooster” Navasero.

Sriracha? I dated the crap out of that bottle.

The context of dated in that quote is completely open for interpretation.

When Bryan isn’t developing awesome designs or running the Winged Canvas Etsy Shop, he can often be found drenching his food under a red sea of Sriracha. His burning love for Sriracha has earned him the nickname The Rooster, and has made keeping track of how fast the studio burns through a bottle of Sriracha an ongoing joke. (Thus the date keeping track of when that particular bottle was opened.)

Winged Canvas being the creative Art Hub that it is, doesn’t only use Sriracha for food. Here is a timelapse of Instructor Fei Lu spicing things up with a portrait of David Tran (the creator of Sriracha) using none other than Sriracha as the medium!

The best thing about Sriracha art is that it’s edible! After this portrait, we helped ourselves to some spring rolls and used the Sriracha for dip. It was almost as if David Tran himself garnished our meal for us.

The record at Winged Canvas is an entire bottle in 3 weeks!

Can you top it? (41).webp

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