Yeri Sa


Specializing in Digital Art, Animation & Cartooning

After growing up watching cartoons and anime, Yeri's dream of becoming an animator came true. In 2015, after graduating from Sheridan College (earning a BA in Classical Animation) she received many job offers, which stretched from her home city, Toronto, to as far as the US and UK. Although most of the offers were close to home at familiar studios, Yeri decided to challenge herself and leave Toronto to start a career in London, UK. She lived in London for roughly 4 years as a background designer, and worked as an animator for few projects, including the Apple Tree House series, a children’s TV show which aired in UK's famous preschool channel Cbeebies.

Teaching was one of Yeri’s first jobs, and she has been teaching young students since high school. From group classes to one-on-one mentorship, Yeri loves to see her students grow as they build up their skills to create something of their own. After moving back to Toronto, Yeri continues her animation career as a freelance artist and joined Winged Canvas in Dec 2019 as an instructor specializing in cartooning, digital art, and animation.