Art Resources for Teachers

Whether you are an elementary, high school, or private art teacher, you can use our free art resources for teachers to help you educate the next generation of artists.


Video Tutorials

Follow along as our artist instructors walk you through art tutorials for beginners, art students, and aspiring artists.


Check out the 50+ art videos on our YouTube channel.

How to Draw Faces! Ft Ryan Gosli...

How to Draw Eyes

How To Draw a Mouth

How To Draw a Nose

How to Draw Form (Sphere)

How to Draw a Realistic Eye in 8 st...

How To's: 1 Point Perspective

How To's: 2 Point Perspective

How To's: 3 Point Perspective


Looking for more art tutorial videos?

We post weekly videos on digital art, traditional drawing, and art portfolio tips on our YouTube channel

Visual Art Handouts

Free printable handouts to guide your art students on the elements and principles of art as well as simple step by step drawing tutorials.


Need a handout for a specific art theory or technique?

Send us an email at

How to Draw Trees
How to Draw with Numbers and Letters
How to Draw Dogs
How to Draw Cats
How to Draw Realistic Eyes in 8 Step
8 Essential Elements of Design
8 Principles of Design
How to Draw Hair

Art History Posters

Decorate the walls in your art classroom with fun facts about famous artists throughout history, from Picasso to Frida Kahlo and Monet to Munch.

Colouring Pages

Free printable colouring pages drawn by teachers and students at Winged Canvas and made for kids and adults anywhere in the world. Colouring pages are a creative way to de-stress, keep kids busy, or warm up before art class.


We'd love to see your colourful masterpieces!

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