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The Art Scholar-'Ships' Have Sailed...

Announcing the winners of the Ultimate Art Contest!

As you may have heard, Winged Canvas Ultimate Art Contest circa 2016 had drawn to a close, and the results are in…

This year’s contest theme was Art Nerd, and when we sounded the horn for Markham youth talent, the studio found itself awash in brilliant submissions.

Our THIRD place winner and recipient of a $100 Art Scholarship was 12 year old Jenny Hu. Her stellar depiction of an Art Nerd crest caught the attention of our judging panel with its clean detail and sharp colour palette!

Artist coat of arms - symbol of art

Jenny’s artist statement reads, “The design is an artist's coat of arms, displaying crossed pencils on the shield, symbolizing art. The word 'nerd' is written across the shield as well. On top of the shield, where a crown or other headsets would be, is a french beret, which is commonly used by artists. Behind the shield are crossed dip pens. Surrounding the shield is the mantle of the coat of arms.”

In SECOND place was Connie Kwok, age 16. Connie’s elegant but impactful design won her a Winged Canvas Art Scholarship of over $300, and sends a powerful message about the magic of art and creativity. ​

art from ordinary to extraordinary

Connie said this about her design, “As art nerds we have an amazing ability of making something ordinary into something extraordinary. Something like a plain piece of paper can turn into many things as we use our creative ideas. My interpretation of 'art nerd' is anyone using their creative mind to see something that's plain turn into something that is out of the ordinary.”

Our final and FIRST place contest winner is 16 year old Samantha Chow! Samantha received the grand prize of an Art Scholarship valued at over $600 and will have her insanely awesome design printed on the new Winged Canvas art nerd t-shirts!

Samantha’s artist statement said this about her piece, “I interpreted an 'art nerd' as a passionate art admirer. That is, someone who really indulges oneself within the artwork. I tried to illustrate the literal meaning of that by drawing a character entering a painting of a sea. As art can be quite subjective, I believe how the art is interpreted is up to the individual eyes. It's also that magical spark the artwork possesses, causing viewer to feel as if they are in an entirely new environment.”

Here is our winner with Winged Canvas founder, Fei Lu. Samantha has chosen to invest her winnings into our Realistic Drawing and Oil Painting Summer Camps, and the studio looks forward to seeing much more of her talents!

Ultimate Art Contest Winner Winged Canvas

Putting your art out there can be an intimidating but rewarding experience, and we at Winged Canvas would like to thank everyone who participated in submitting their designs. We're rolling out the Ultimate Art Contest again next year so stay tuned for another great opportunity to showcase your work!

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