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Digital Art Camps Online

Learn digital art fundamentals in this beginner to intermediate level program, great for those who are looking to build on their digital painting skills and learn new techniques. Learn the creative process and design thinking skills to create your own characters, background art, and more!

Camp Fees
Game icon design digital art

Digital art class demo: Game icon design

Find the perfect digital art camp for youth

Our online digital art camps are suitable for older kids, preteens, and teens who want to learn new digital skills on their tablet or device.


🌞 Summer  ❄️ Winter  🍀 March & Spring Break

Learn digital art fundamentals in this beginner to intermediate level program. We will cover a variety of digital drawing and painting techniques step by step with fun projects, plus time for open exploration with guidance from the instructor.

Class Ratio 1:12

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Level 2: Intermediate

Suggested Age

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🌞 Summer only

Intensives are suitable for advanced students with prior digital drawing experience. Most intensives are taught digitally, so you can sharpen your digital art skills while learning character design, manga, animation, and more!

Class Ratio 1:12

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Level 3: Advanced

Suggested Age

🌱 Are you a complete beginner?

Start by joining our Beginner Digital Art class OR take our pre-requisite course so you're ready to crush it at camp:

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👩‍🏫 How Our Virtual Art Camps Work

Why Learn at Winged Canvas?

Follow along your instructor’s screen during lessons, and create with aspiring artists your age. Plus, you can request live feedback on your work and your instructor will demonstrate the corrections.

There are many benefits to online camps, like getting a replay if you miss a lesson. And if you're camera shy, feel free to turn off your webcam & message in the chat!

🎯 Create art with purpose

💻 Live demonstrations

🧠 Design thinking

🏫 Small class sizes

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What digital art materials do I need?

💻 Hardware

PC / Mac / Chromebook users:  You’ll need a drawing tablet and stylus
iPad / Android Tablet users:  You’ll need a compatible stylus pen or Apple Pen for iPad

Shopping for budget-friendly digital art tablets? Here are our top recommendations.

✒️ Software

MediBang Paint (FREE program) is recommended for beginners, as our instructors teach using it.

Watch a tutorial to prepare for your first class.


Note: Students are welcome to use the digital painting program of their choice if they are familiar with it, and they are able to use layers & transparency.

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Looking for Digital Art Resources?

Jumpstart your digital art journey with free video tutorials, livestreams, and how-to blogs.


Digital artwork by our students

Check out some amazing digital art created at camp
by students of all ages from beginner to advanced.