Jessie Chang


Specializing in Digital Art & Comics

Travelling far beneath the weighted comforters in the dead of night, past the piles of clothing and scattered art materials, you may encounter the wild Jessica Chang lit only by the light of her art tablet and laptop. Legend has it that presenting the creature with a bar of dark sea salt chocolate may gain you access to one of her many stacked sketchbooks that line the walls of her comfy abode.


Specializing in digital art and character design, Jessica Chang will be studying video game art at Durham College. Many of her works take inspiration from fantasy, horror, street fashion and varying cultures throughout time. Holding a long-standing love for storytelling, Jessica Chang creates comic art in her spare time, her favourite genres including coming of age, romance, sci-fi and fantastical adventure.


When not working in Photoshop, Jessica also works with ballpoint pens, pencils, brush pens and markers.

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