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Meet the Creatives: Fei Lu – The Headmaster

According to legend, there exists a place where the great tread. Wielding their pencils and paintbrushes, myth and fable are brought to life by those that possess worlds in their heart and stars in their eyes. Fuelled by their passion and creativity, these artists capture moments, both real and imagined, and immortalize them on wings of canvas.

Spearheading this collective is Fei Lu, also knows as – The Headmaster "FeiL U".​

Fei Lu Artist and Winged Canvas Creative Director

The Headmaster and her muse, Pongo

Not only because Fei is an instructor and a co-founder of the studio, she was bestowed the nickname “Headmaster” after a certain intern saw one of her previous works titled Trunchbull’s Office.

Bryan Navasero at Winged Canvas

Young and old alike come from all throughout the land seeking tutelage, but beware. FeiL U is not simply a clever moniker. Winged Canvas lore speaks of a student that underestimated the intensive nature of FeiL U’s instruction. Now it looks like they’ll be a student… forever.

You aren’t leaving until you get your values right! Don’t look so grey, you’re almost there!

People tend to have a negative impression of the word failure, but here at Winged Canvas it is seen as something positive, and something that is integral to the creative process. FeiL every day; improve every day is a motto that is taken to heart and FeiL U is very keen on seeking out areas of improvement and guiding that person in the right direction.

However don’t just take my word for it. Here are a few words from The Headmaster herself regarding what Winged Canvas is and about her own personal teaching style.

So what say you, courageous artists? Do you have the will to take up the pencil & paintbrush and bring your visions to life? The studio will be awaiting you with open wings! Follow @feiluart on Instagram

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