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Discover 5 Fun Digital Art Activities for Kids

In our increasingly digital world, introducing children to the wonders of digital art is not only fun but also incredibly beneficial. Digital art offers young minds a creative and educational outlet where they can explore, express themselves, and develop essential skills. In this article, we'll explore five exciting digital art projects tailored for kids, providing them with both entertainment and valuable learning experiences.

Whether your child is testing out digital art with you at home or taking digital art lessons, this article will help you understand some of the key learning goals for digital artists.

Benefits of Digital Art for Kids

Engaging in digital art offers numerous advantages for children, making it an enriching and enjoyable experience. Here are some key benefits:


Digital art provides a canvas for kids to free their creativity. They can express their thoughts and ideas through digital drawings and designs. It's a medium that encourages them to think outside the box and explore imagination, like developing stories, characters, and experimenting with colour.

Skill Development

Through digital art, children can hone various skills such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and attention to detail. They’ll learn to problem solve as they work and develop an understanding of the elements and principles of art. They also learn how to use digital tools effectively, which is a valuable skill in our technology-driven world.

Technology Proficiency

Digital art introduces kids to technology in a creative and constructive manner. They become familiar with software and hardware, which can be beneficial for their future academic and professional endeavors. Digital art is a great way to help children feel comfortable using technology that will come in handy if they choose to pursue digital art in the future.

Digital painting

Digital painting is an enchanting art project for children, providing them with a virtual canvas to unleash their creative imaginations. To begin practicing digital painting, kids need a device equipped with painting software and a variety of colors and brushes at their disposal, akin to a magical palette. By encouraging them to let their creativity flow freely, they can paint anything they wish, from vibrant landscapes to whimsical creatures.

For beginners, starting with simple shapes and gradually adding details is a great approach, and they can also explore online tutorials to learn various techniques. Digital painting not only allows kids to express themselves artistically but also helps them develop patience and familiarity with tools like the clone tool, making it a mess-free and educational artistic adventure.

Character Design

Character design within the realm of digital art is an exciting avenue for children to express their creativity. Engage your child in a discussion about character traits and personalities, prompting them to delve into the character's backstory and distinctive attributes.

With a clear concept in mind, they can sketch the character's appearance, paying attention to clothing, accessories, and facial expressions. The flexibility of digital art tools allows for easy customization, enabling kids to experiment with various looks and features, adding their personal flair. Encourage them to weave a background story for their character, not only deepening the character's narrative but also stimulating their storytelling abilities.

Character design line up by digital art student Maddy


Animation is a captivating digital art venture that empowers children to infuse still images with the magic of movement. Explain the fundamental principles of animation, as well as timing and keyframes, illustrating how a sequence of images can create the illusion of motion. Help them select age-appropriate and user-friendly animation software, tailored to their skill level.

Encourage them to embark on their animation journey with simple tasks, such as animating bouncing balls, fluttering butterflies, or a smile transforming into a frown. Introduce the concept of storyboarding, guiding them to sketch key frames as a visual plan for their animation, fostering organization and structure. If they're feeling adventurous, suggest adding sound effects or music to enhance the overall experience. Through animation, children nurture their creative spirit.

Digital Collage

This is an engaging digital art project where children can fuse diverse elements to craft visually striking compositions. They can begin by curating a collection of materials, whether sourced online or created by them. Organizing and planning the composition comes next, as they sketch a rough outline of their collage's desired appearance.

Introducing them to layers within digital software allows for experimenting with element arrangement and achieving specific visual effects. Teach basic editing and blending techniques, like color adjustment and resizing, to seamlessly integrate elements. Finally, children can add finishing touches, such as text or extra details, to bring their digital collage masterpiece to life.

Graphic Design

Graphic design projects offer an exciting opportunity for children to blend their artistic creativity with visual communication skills. In this creative journey, they can start by designing posters for imaginary events, crafting logos for their unique brands, or fashioning eye-catching banners.

Teaching them the art of seamlessly integrating text and images is crucial, as it's a fundamental skill in graphic design. Encouraging experimentation with color combinations and fonts helps convey various moods and messages effectively. Depending on their age and skill level, introduce them to user-friendly graphic design software or apps. Stress the importance of seeking feedback and embracing iteration as they refine and enhance their designs.

By attempting different projects and styles of digital art, children can begin to understand which forms of expression suit them best. It’s also a fun way for them to nurture their artistic and technical skills. As caregivers and mentors, guiding children through their digital art journey opens doors to a realm of boundless creativity and potential, laying a sturdy groundwork for their future pursuits. If you’re feeling like this is an area your child is interested in but you don’t know where to start, take a look at our digital art resources to help guide you and your child along.

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