Level 3 - Advanced Art

Realistic Drawing

Weekly Virtual Class

Learn to draw realistically in this intensive art class for teens & adults. Apply art concepts & techniques for drawing realism: shading, 3D forms, perspective, blending, linework, and composition.

A sneak peek into our weekly live online Realistic Drawing class.

Online Art Class Details


🔎 Virtual Class Details

Have you always wanted the ability to draw things so realistically they look like a photograph? In this weekly online art class, students will work in various dry media to draw realistic people, animals, objects and landscapes using shading and perspective. Learn how to draw and render like a master illusionist from professional artists in small online classes with personalised guidance on your artwork!

This live online art class offers you a way to dive into realistic drawing and build on your existing techniques. It’s a fun and convenient way to learn to draw from your home with our virtual program. Follow step-by-step demos and have fun with personalised projects. This class is designed for teens and adults of any age with some previous experience with drawing!

🤓 What to Expect in Class

Most drawings incorporate design, illustration or storytelling with room for personalization. Drawing assignments are usually completed in 1-2 classes, although more complex projects may take longer.

Students are encouraged to share their progress during class for personalised feedback, or submit to Google Classroom for written feedback from their instructor if they need additional time to finish their artwork after the live class.

Realistic Drawing is a live online art class that is weekly and ongoing throughout the year. Consistent practice is key to growth and  improvement, so most of our students enrol for a full term and continue learning with us for years. Our projects rarely repeat (we only revamp past favourites), so you can start anytime!

📚 Curriculum / Learning Goals

Realistic Drawing is designed to complement Canadian school curriculum guidelines for grades 7+, but it’s a great online art enrichment program for experienced artists of all ages!

Our class curriculum is structured and thoughtfully planned every term using our unique teaching method and the latest art trends and design innovations. Students will focus on learning advanced drawing skills including blending and shading to master the art of realism.

Realistic Drawing projects may include:

  • Realistic people and animals

  • Realistic landscapes and environments

  • How to draw clothing and fabric

  • Composing and design a still life

  • Perspective and structure drawing

  • Rendering and colouring techniques

✍ Art Materials

  • Pencil (HB)/ Pencil Set

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Eraser

  • Ruler

  • Sketchbook / Drawing Paper

  • Coloured Pencils

  • Black Ball Point Pen

Optional: Markers (brush + fine tips), Conte, Pastels (soft or oil)

Equipment for Virtual Art Classes: 

For the best online experience, we recommend using a webcam and mic so our teacher may provide instant feedback. Students without a webcam/mic may use text chat, and get individual feedback online through Google Classrooms.


4 - 12 students

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Level 3

Teens & Adults

Portfolio Students

Virtual Class Pricing 

Lessons occur once a week from the date you register. Class recordings will be sent for absences. All Pricing

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1 Lesson
5 Lessons
10 Lessons
20 Lessons
$40 CAD
$190 CAD
$360 CAD
$680 CAD
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Class Details
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THU 6:00 - 7:30 PM ET
Art Foundations 3 - Ongoing Class

Class Schedule (Eastern Time)

Class Details
Program Type
THU 6:00 - 7:30 PM ET
Art Foundations 3 - Ongoing Class

In a different time zone? See the program schedule in your own time zone 👉CT MT PT

In a different time zone?

See the schedule in your own time zone 👉CT MT PT

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100% Success Guarantee 

We're confident that our students will see great improvement if they consistently try their best in class. If you find our learning experience is not a good fit, we'll issue you a refund.

Realistic Drawing - Class Photos

Instructor teaching acrylic online
Acrylic dog painting from dog reference
Step by step drawing a realistic hand by applying gesture and the elements of art.
Learn how to sketch, colour, and shade anatomy drawings and other detailed subjects.

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