• Alice Yao

How to Draw Trees: It's All About Shapes!

Drawing trees can seem like a difficult task, with all of their detail and obscure shapes. However, you can simplify them by breaking it down into shapes, around which you outline to create the right form. Remember to save all the details, textures, and shadows for last!

How to draw Evergreen Trees

image showing how to draw trees using triangles

How to draw evergreen trees is simpler than it looks! You can draw evergreen trees by stacking simple triangles on top of each other, with each section casting a shadow onto the next.

How to draw deciduous trees

image showing how to draw trees using circles

Draw deciduous trees by grouping circles of different sizes together, then adding detail instead of drawing individual leaves (which would take forever!)

How to draw tree branches

Branches, like tree trunks, get narrower as they grow. Lines in nature are rarely orderly, so remember to keep your lines loose and uneven!

Happy drawing! Visit our Resources Page for a printer friendly version. If you'd like to learn more simple step by step lessons like these ones, check out our drawing foundations classes!

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