• Nicole Tang, Creative Intern

Illustrating an Art Hub

Over the summer I got to work on an illustration that showcases everything Winged Canvas does. The idea was to create a fun and quirky art community, just like the studio itself! I was given the freedom to make this as whimsical as possible, so I filled the drawing with pencil houses, paint factories, and tiny people.

Winged Canvas Final Sketch 2

This was my first time using the Photoshop pen tool to make all the shapes instead of just painting them. Near the end, my image had over 300 layers!

Coming up with the little buildings was a lot of fun, but the project was not without its challenges. With so many elements and all those details, I was stumped on how to colour everything. The solution? Create a palette around one base colour, then just sample those colours for every part of the illustration. This ensures that the illustration looks unified while also allowing some of the bolder areas to pop.

Colour Palette

I was delighted to see my final illustration come to life as a gateway to the website on the homepage!

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